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Muslim Man Stabs Teen Girl 100 Times After She Answers His Simple Question

A teenager was stabbed more than 100 times by her Muslim lover in front of her terrified toddler son because she would not get him a glass of water – and only survived by playing dead.

Savage Jamiv Usman launched the terrifying attack on the 19-year-old after exploding with anger when she refused his demand for a drink.

The woman, who has not been named, was attacked with such force in front of her two-year-old son, that the tip of the blade snapped in her neck.

But despite the repeatedly slashing her 100 times with an eight-inch blade in the neck and chest, she managed to survive by pretending to be dead and crawling into an empty bus.

She then staggered onto a nearby empty bus near her home in Brighton, East Sussex, just after midnight, where the driver alerted police and drove her to the bus depot.

Police officers boarded the bus and helped treat a life threatening wound to her neck while they waited for paramedics to arrive and she was taken to the Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton, with serious injuries.

Her son was found in a distressed state by a neighbour after the attack in March last year.

Solent News & Photo AgencyThe knife Jamiv Usman used in the attack Jamiv Usman, who stabbed his girlfriend more than 100 times in Brighton, has been jailed for 20 years.
The blood-soaked knife was found by police dumped in a hedge

The knife used in the attack was found dumped in a hedge close to the victim’s home.

Usman was still at large until he was spotted in a nearby street later that day and arrested for attempted murder and later charged.

The woman, now 21, suffered two punctured lungs and had 500 stitches to treat her wounds.

Unemployed Usman, of Brighton, denied the charge but was found guilty following a trial at Lewes Crown Court on July 20 and the 32-year-old was jailed for 20 years on Friday.

Detective Inspector Andy Wolstenholme of Sussex Police said: “This was an horrific unprovoked attack on the victim who had to fight for her life in front of her child who was just two. It is a miracle she survived.

“The last 16 months for her have been very difficult but she has been recovering slowly and has demonstrated great courage at the time of the attack, as well giving evidence during the trial. She has been very supportive of our investigation. She is an inspiration.

“I also want to praise the bus driver for having the presence of the mind to drive the victim away from the scene and to get her help.

“The sentence means Usman will be in prison for many years, preventing other victims suffering this level of violence at his hands.”

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