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Muslim immigrationbehind record population growth in Kronoberg County

Muslim immigration behind record population growth in Kronoberg County

The population in Kronoberg County is increasing at “historically”, reports P4 Kronoberg. The number of residents in all the county councils increases. But it’s not about Swedes who feed more children, but more about an “extreme Muslim immigration”.

By – Brünnhilde

No, it is not the Swedes who are behind the record population increase in Kronoberg, Småland. Instead, it depends on the high Muslim immigration to Sweden in recent years.

Or the “extreme” immigration that the region suffered, as the authorities call it.

Recent statistics from Kronoberg show that the population in all eight county’s municipalities is increasing. It is considered to be “historically high”.

Now the main problem remains is to get immigrants to work.

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“It is an extreme immigration situation with a strong increase in just Kronoberg. Now we need to match them to the labor market, “says Christel Gustafsson, Development Director at Region Kronoberg, to P4.

In addition, population growth is expected to continue and in the first half of 2019, the number of residents in Kronoberg is estimated to exceed 200,000.

“These parts are clearly a great challenge; to design healthcare, dental care and BB as required. We need to take into account that the population changes and at the same time find ways that make those who come here want to stay and establish themselves, “says Christel Gustafsson to SVT Nyheter Småland.

Not to mention crime, rape and welfare costs.

At the same time, she is convinced that immigration is an “injection” of people of working age, and thus something good for the municipalities.

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