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Muslim Arab arrested for raping teacher at Swedish school

Muslim Arab student arrested for raping teacher at Swedish school

A student at Brinellgymnasium in Nässjö is suspected of raping a female teacher in the school’s premises, Reported by SVT yesterday.

By – Brünnhilde

Social news can now reveal that the student is a 19-year-old formerly convicted stateless immigrant with Arabic interpreter. He was requested detained on Wednesday.

The rape took place on Friday in the school and reported to the  police on Monday. The police have launched a rape investigation. The suspect who has been arrested since Monday was requested to be arrested on Wednesday.

The student, who, according to the arrest, is 19 years old, is suspended from school while the investigation is in progress. The police have been despised and did not want to disclose any details on the suspect or at which school the event took place.

However, after social security, public affairs may reveal that the suspected offender is a stateless Arab migrant, it may make it difficult to expel him if he is found guilty and convicted of rape. According to the document, the suspected interpreter in Arabic needs.

The man was convicted in June 2016 for violent resistance in connection with a shop stolen. The Court of Appeal released the 19th anniversary of the shopstage in December of the same year, but ruled the verdict for violent resistance.

Social news has also been in contact with a person with knowledge of the school confirming that it is the Brinellgymnaisium. The school has previously been in blue weather, because there has been extensive drug trafficking in the school area.

Source: samnytt.se

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