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Multicultural Sweden stile: Nacka Gymnasium ban the Swedish flag

Multicultural Sweden stile: Nacka Gymnasium ban the Swedish flag

“No flags or pendants are allowed, neither Swedish or others.”

This is the new rule, written by Nacka Gymnasium in an email to Expressen, since the protest against a previous announcement by the Swedish school that only the display of Swedish flags was to be allowed.

By – Brünnhilde

Prior to the end of school, uncertainty remains about what rule should apply. Does being racist now include displaying Swedish flags at the entrance of schools? In Nacka high school, the confusion is real.

Initially, the school sent out a letter to all prospective students and faculty staff that firmly stated, “Political messages or flags other than the Swedish flag are not allowed to be displayed”.

It become obvious that the message provoked a strong reaction and uproar. The school quickly changed the rule to state: “No flags or pendants are allowed, whether Swedish or otherwise”.

The fact that the school, Nacka Gymnasium, is located in Sweden clearly does not matter.

To the Express, the director of the Swedish school explains: “In recent years there have also been flags that supported particular political positions, which created situations that posed a risk to students and visitors alike.”

Nacka is apparently just as much Palestinian, Turkish, etc. as it is Swedish.

Sweden is a nation wiped out.

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Swedish culture is a provocative “political” position.

The former Social Democratic politician Nalin Pekgul is concerned that young people are refusing to show loyalty to the country in which they themselves grew up in, instead choosing to swear allegiance to the homeland of their parents.

“These flags express nothing but pride in having roots in another culture. They demonstrate a resignation from Sweden,” she wrote in a heated debate article in Expressen prior to last year’s school closures.
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