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READ MORE: Sweden: Minister of Interior and Justice demands – Allowed the IS terrorists stay in Sweden

Sweden: Minister of Interior and Justice demands – Allowed the IS terrorists stay in Sweden

The proposal to tear up IS’s terrorist passports and remove their citizenship is nothing supported by Sweden’s government.
“We can not make people stateless!” Says Morgan Johansson (S) Minister of Interior and Justice .

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In Britain, terrorist Islamic Islamists are deprived of their British citizenship and are prohibited from returning to the country. From 2011, over 150 Islamists have been deprived of citizenship and prevented travel into Britain.

According to international law, citizenship is permitted if the person in question has dual citizenship.

The police chief Erik Nord thinks Sweden should do the same: deprive suspect Islamists of their citizenship and tear up their passports. He said in an interview with the Gothenburg Post in July.

But it does not want the Interior and Justice Minister Morgan Johansson (S).

“We can not make people stateless. If you have become a citizen in Sweden, that is what is governed by the legislation we have, he explains to SvD.

Thus, Morgan Johansson says, despite the fact that Britain has managed to loosen hundreds of terrorists from their citizenship, thereby significantly reducing the risk of new bloody terrorist attacks. But Sweden will not go the same way.

Since 2012, around 300 Muslim extremists traveled from Sweden to Syria and Iraq to fight for the Islamic terrorist Islamic state. At least 150 of them have already returned, but now the most radical come back to Sweden is expected. In addition, there are around 2,000 violent Islamists around the country, according to Säpo.

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