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Morgan Freeman: ‘We Are At War’

‘We Are At War’: Morgan Freeman Drops Truth Bomb on Trump-Russia, Kremlin Immediately Tries to Smear Him. The Kremlin has launched a smear campaign against actor Morgan Freeman after he appeared in a video to raise awareness of Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election.


Freeman appeared in a video for The Committee to Investigate Russia, a new nonprofit that aims to spread information about Russia’s role in the 2016 election and features the likes of director Rob Reiner and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper on its board.

 “We have been attacked,” Freeman says in the video. “We are at war.”

Freeman explains that Putin, “a former KGB spy, angry at the collapse of his motherland, plots a course for revenge.”

Putin created an “authoritarian regime,” Freeman says, and is aiming for his “sworn enemy” the US and using cyberwarfare to “attack democracies around the world.”

Freeman says Russia uses social media to “spread propaganda and false information” to convince Westerners to “distrust their media, their political processes, even their neighbors.”

“We need our president to speak directly to us and tell us the truth,” he says. “We need him to sit behind the desk in the Oval Office and say ‘My fellow Americans, during this past election, we came under attack by the Russian government.’”

The Kremlin took offense to the video and attacked Freeman as “purely emotional” to reporters, The Moscow Times reports.

“Many creative people fall prey to emotional stress without real information about the real state of things,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on a conference call.

Peskov called the people behind the group as being in a state of “emotional exaltation, a continuation of a form of McCarthyism.”

“With time this will pass,” he added.

Reiner partnered with conservative author David Frum to launch the group, whose website also lists conservative commentator Charlie Sykes, military historian Max Boot, and American Enterprise Institute resident scholar Norman Ornstein on its advisory board.

“The Russian Active Measures campaign aimed at the United States has been exposed,” the site says. “Using hacking, Twitter armies, and fake news, the Kremlin engaged in an aggressive effort to subvert the American democratic process. Now, only months into his term of office, the President and his staff are facing multiple investigations in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives and by a Special Counsel for the Department of Justice.”

“The Committee to Investigate Russia is a nonprofit, non-partisan resource provided to help Americans recognize and understand the gravity of Russia’s continuing attacks on our democracy,” it continues. “All relevant information is aggregated in one place to provide context and allow users to see the full picture of what Russia has done and will continue to do unless we start paying closer attention. For generations, people have fought to protect democracy. Now it is our turn.”

The group has a steep climb. Just 47 percent of Americans believe Russian hacking is a “major threat” to future elections, according to an NPR/PBS poll. While 73% of Democrats view Russia as a major threat, just 17% of Republicans feel the same way.

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