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More Swedes want to receive fewer Migrants

The number of Swedes wishing to receive fewer Migrants is increasing. It shows a new Sifo survey published in SvD. At the same time, only 13 percent want to receive more.


The proportion that wants Sweden to receive fewer Migrants has risen from 44 percent to 52 percent since October last year.

27 percent want the reception to remain at the existing level and as many, 27 percent, are doubtful or do not know.

But only 13 percent want Sweden to receive more Migrants, which in the survey are called “refugees”.

Toivo Sörén, head of SIFO’s polls, told TT that he did not have a good explanation as to why Swedes are more negative to receiving Migrants while reducing the total number of Migrants coming to the country.

“One explanation is that when you see headlines that” municipalities can not accommodate housing, “then it’s a part and influence, he says to TT.

On June 22, SVT reportedly reported that the thousands of immigrants coming from Africa by boat across the Mediterranean are almost exclusively “economic migrants” who want a better life and who see Europe as “a single big cash machine”. Can such elements also have affected?

The SIP survey was conducted in June with 1,529 telephone interviews.

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