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Justice Minister Morgan Johansson says no to put in a military police against the criminal gangs - as suggested by 20 moderates in a motion.

There are no military solutions to Sweden’s criminal gangs

20 moderate parliamentarians demand in a motion that a military police should be taken against the criminal gangs in the suburbs. Justice Minister Morgan Johansson (S) says no and states that “there are no military solutions to the problems”.

Via: William Eriksson

In connection with the submission of the motion to the Riksdag, its initiator, the moderate parliamentary member, as well as the police commissioner Mikael Cederbratt, All put a written question to the Minister of Justice Morgan Johansson (S) on the same subject.

“No intention to take such action.”
Morgan Johansson writes in his reply to Cederbratt that the causes of the problems in the vulnerable areas are very complex and have been going on for a long time – and that “the government does not intend to take any such measures”.

He also writes that “the problems must be solved through measures that reduce social gaps, increase security and help restore the confidence of civil society among the overwhelming majority of law-abiding people living in these areas.”

“Police Office to Maintain Public Order and Security”
Ministry of Justice is of the opinion that it is “police authority that is responsible for maintaining public order and security and combating crime, even in vulnerable areas.”

According to Morgan Johansson, this work should be conducted in “collaboration between local actors, with proven methods and conducted by competent and well-trained police officers.”

“There are no military solutions to the problems.”
According to Morgan Johansson, the government has a long-term reform program to lift vulnerable areas and break segregation with actions that respond directly to the problems.

In addition, the ruling “recently announced a historic effort that will bring powerful resource reinforcements to the police, not least in vulnerable areas. There are no shortcuts to break the development and there are no military solutions to the problems.”

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