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Please help and support our cause!

Save My Sweden is a team of independent journalists based in Sweden. Our focus is to raise awareness of the increase in Islamic takeover through mass migration that is effecting Europe, North America, and beyond.

Our team has focused on posting quality content, that is free of charge to the readers. We limit the use of annoying advertising such as pop up windows and banner ads. We want our readers to enjoy reading and learning without being irritated by advertising as other sites have begun to do.

Thanks to your ongoing support, we are able to work 24/7 on our website, Facebook, and Twitter. Our hope is to soon expand to other social media networks.

“If you would like to continue to help support our cause, please take a moment to sign up and become a member. Support us with the amount you are comfortable with. We use PayPal as it is secure and the simplest way for payments.”

Please support our cause.

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