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Police outside a sheltered multi-family house in Malmö. PHOTO: JOHAN NILSSON / TT

Malmö is the future of Sweden

Malmö reached some sort of new record on Friday. Then there were three shootings in public environments over the course of 20 hours.

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At one of the shootings, someone unconsciously shot several shots against a multi-family house. The bullets entered between floors one and eight. At another shot, a man with several shots is shot inside a hairdresser’s salon. The third shooting also occurred in a residential area, but according to the police it may have been a mistake.

What has not yet happened is that someone has been killed by an obsolete bullet, which sooner or later will happen if the gang, for example, is shooting with automatic weapons against multi-family houses.

The police and politicians in Malmö seem to be more or less handled for development. They have been unable to prevent a prolonged and steady escalation. Last year, Malmö was the most murderous city in the Nordic region. The red-green government is passive. Criticism against Malmö has long been sensitive among Social Democrats.

Is the last week’s wave of violence in Malmö interesting also outside the Öresund region? The answer is yes. Malmö has proved to be a trend-setting city in terms of new crime. Experience says that what happens there can spread to other places.

For example, gangshifts became common in Malmö earlier than in other cities. Automatic weapons and hand grenades have been used in Malmö before they appeared in, for example, Gothenburg. The phenomenon that local people did not dare talk to the police about the gang’s progress also became a problem in Malmö earlier than elsewhere. Malmö has been marketed as a trend-setting future city, and ironically, the criminals seem to have bought the message.

Worth noting is that the latest events where criminals shoot automatically against multi-family houses did not lead to any ramaskry in Sweden. Violence seems to have been normalized.

What is needed in Sweden is a political leadership that sets as its explicit goal to bring the era to an end. Something like that is not yet in sight. Even if, for example, the Moderators’ current proposals on security cameras in vulnerable areas could help, for example, when someone freaked into a house. But then there must also be punishment scales that make the shooters get away from the street for a long time.

Unfortunately, the political mills are slowing down. The risk is that we will see several innocent people being killed and injured. It will get worse before it gets better.

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