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Majority of Swedes want to ban Muslim prayer calls

Majority of Swedes want to ban Muslim prayer calls

According to a new survey released by SVT / Novus’s, 61 percent of Swedish people want to ban Muslim prayer calls. Even with this clear majority, only two parliamentary parties are willing to enforce such a ban.

By – Brünnhilde

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The ongoing issue of prayer calls was brought to the Government’s agenda in the spring after the negative public reaction to the mosque in Växjö applying and receiving permission to broadcast a prayer call every Friday.

Opponents believe it violates the principle of freedom of religion that grants people freedom from being forced to listen or to be exposed to religious messages.

A new opinion poll from SVT / Novus indicates that a clear majority, 61 percent, of the Swedes wants to ban prayer calls. 28 percent oppose a ban while 11 percent do not want to take a stand.

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Among the Swedish Democrats and Alliance voters, 96 and 62 percent, respectively, want to ban, while red-green voters are approximately equal between those who are for and against the prayer calls.

Although a clear majority of the Swedish public have expressed their wish to ban the prayer calls, there are only two parties in the Riksdag Swedish parliament who are willing to consider such a proposal- the Swedish Democrats (SD) and the Christian Democrats (KD).

KD switched positions as early as spring and leader Ebba Busch-Thor has told SVT that prayer calls risks “facilitating those who want to create parallel communities”.

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