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Kim Jong Un’s limousine is a portable potty in disguise

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s motorcade may not be as indestructible as Trump’s fleet of bombproof “Beast” limousines, but it reportedly offers one feature the U.S. president has to live without: a traveling toilet.

By –  Gary Gastelu 

A defector who served on the North Korean Guard Command told The Washington Post that Kim brings a secret restroom everywhere he goes, mostly a security measure meant to keep foreign intelligence operatives from collecting any of his excrement in an attempt to determine the state of his health.

Other sources with knowledge of the procedure have previously told the Daily NK news outlet that regardless of whether his entourage is traveling by train, sedan or off-road vehicle, one of the vehicles always has a built-in toilet for Kim’s private use, Autoblog reports.

“There are multiple vehicles within the convoy so that people cannot tell which one he is in, and there is a separate car that acts as his restroom,” a source said.

Kim visited South Korea last week in a parade of similar armored Mercedes-Benz limousines, any one of which could have been the alleged comfort station. Analysts aren’t even sure where North Korea got the cars from, let alone how they are equipped, as U.N. sanctions prevent the North Korean government from buying them directly from the automaker.

Former U.S. Secret Service agent Dan Bongino told Fox News that he witnessed over 50 heads of state being transported during his time protecting presidents and never heard of something like a limousine lavatory.

“If true, it really speaks to the paranoia of the North Korean regime,” Bongino said.

Photos of the North Korean cars suggest they aren’t quite as protective as the White House’s heavily armored Cadillacs, as the windows wind down and the doors don’t appear to be as thick.

Trump’s Cadillacs are also protected against noxious gas, which could come in handy in the parking lot of the upcoming USA-North Korea summit if the wind starts blowing the wrong way.

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