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READ MORE: Ken Ring - Civil War in Sweden within 20 years

Ken Ring: Civil War in Sweden within 20 years

The hip hop artist Ken Ring gives an interview in Norwegian NRK where he paints a very gloomy picture of social development in Sweden. He states that he plans to move to Africa – because in his opinion, it is now safer there compared to Sweden.

By – Brünnhilde

“Within 20 years we have open war on the streets of Stockholm,”  he reveals.

In the program “Trygdekontoret” in NRK, Ken Ring remembers when the community in the Stockholm suburb of Hässelby was relatively calm and safe. But the situation has been totally turned upside down since then.

“Today it is an open gang war. My big brother was murdered,” the rapper quietly recalls.

He describes a new everyday life suffered by the residents of Hasselby, characterized by gross violent crime, open drug trafficking and action-abused authorities.

However, the power-makers who continue to celebrate their supposed “social development” are themselves at a proper distance from violence and turmoil they have created, Ken Ring states.

“Giving speeches to journalists, sitting with their families and enjoying their lives- these people have never ever sat down in Rinkeby,” Hässelby tells Fittja.

At the same time, the number of immigrants from the third world only continues to increase exponentially and, as some have suggested, uncontrollably.

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“We have taken as much immigrants as possible and introduced as many people as we can into the suburb, and it’s just getting more and more and more. And this will crack,” continues Ken Ring.

He explains why he is thinking about moving to Africa.

“It’s safer there. My son is nine years old and he asks me, “Dad, why is it more dangerous in Hässelby than in Nairobi, Kenya?” It’s our new normal.

Ken Ring’s view of Sweden‘s future is bequest – he claims there are traces of the beginning of a civil war.

“I think it’s too late, that it’s not possible to change. That it’s done. Within 20 years we will have open war on the streets of Stockholm.”


As early as 2009, Ken Ring raised his concerns when he warned of growing integration and social developments in Sweden. In an interview with Malou von Siver, he then introduced the now-popular theory that Sweden may have received too many immigrants.

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