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Karlskrona: Another city to approve prayer calls from mosque

At the beginning of next week, the Islamic Cultural Association in Karlskrona is expected to receive police clearance to continue launching prayer calls from speakers in Kungsmarken.

By – Brünnhilde

And once again despite the municipality’s request, the police will not be talking to residents before making their decision.

At the end of April, an application from the Environmental and Social Committee was forwarded to the police, and next week, continued prayer calls broadcasted from speakers is expected to begin once again at the Islamic Cultural Society’s mosque building in Kungsmarken.

“I do not want to anticipate the results of a formal process, but in principle, the same conditions and conditions apply in Karlskrona that formed the basis of our decision in Växjö.

It is the same legislation, an identical opinion from the municipality and concerns the same local regulations. Therefore, I can not see that we will land in a different conclusion this time,” announced Magnus Rothoff, Group Manager at Police Criminal Unit, indicating that the police have already decided to approve of the prayer calls.

Before the formal decision can be made, the police will request a supplementary task from Karlskrona Municipality regarding the location of the speakers. However, the police will not follow the municipality’s written recommendation to speak with the affected residents in the area before making a decision.

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This was also not done in Växjö, despite the corresponding requests from the municipality.

“In part, we are not bound by a legal reason to do that, and it is a very resource-intensive operation and would delay the handling of the case,” says Magnus Rothoff.

The decision of the police can be appealed to the Administrative Court, which in turn decides who has the right to appeal. According to Magnus Rothoff, Karlskrona is the third example in Sweden since 2013 where the police has made the decision about an application for a prayer call from speakers. The other two instances occured in Botkyrka and previously in Växjö.

In Karlskrona, the Islamic Cultural Society began launching prayers from speakers from November last year. It later became apparent that the Muslim association failed to apply for a license and, in anticipation of the correct handling of the case, the call was suspended temporarily.
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