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Katerina Janouch. Photo: CC Thron Ullberg

It is the denial that destroyed Sweden

KRÖNIKA Slowly shrinks the reality of decision makers and politicians. We saw that recently when the Polish politician was interviewed in Sweden’s Radio.There he explains that the establishment does not really know the image of society that others daily tried to warn about for several years. 

Via: Katerina Janouch 

Katerina Janouch is the author and recurring chronicle of News Today. She believes that the policy should not only focus on the well-chosen middle class but also include people who are in worse condition and live in more insecure areas. Therefore, she is considered by many to be a populist.

Black on white, he says that, Dan Eliasson in SR Ekot’s Saturday interview:

“I think we are many in Swedish society who do not really realize how troubling the situation is in some parts of Sweden.”

I meet them daily. I have met them daily for several years. The granny’s granddaughter from Bromma shaking his head saying that it is “quiet and safe” in Bromma. Batiktanten who demands to see “sources” that women feel insecure. The so-called feminist who, with accusatory eyes, fears “racist” when rape statistics with immigrants perpetrators are spoken. Politicians such as Helene Fritzon, Karin Wanngård and not least Stefan Löfven who are so lost in their denial that they refuse to capture the truth about what is going on in Sweden. The celebrity who earns money bases out that we will not “be afraid” and that Sweden has never been safer.

Instead of listening to whistleblowers, opionists who dared to break out the chin and private individuals who attempted to warn social media, substantial parts of the Swedish establishment have ended up in the denial bubble in their privileged middle class areas, expensive villas and carefree Thai voyages while the expiration of the areas of exclusion has gone undisturbed .

Now we are here.

I was among the first to run a hole course because I took the word “no go zone” in my mouth in a Czech teve interview. Before that, Per Gudmundsson in Svenska Dagbladet became persona non grata because he said the truth from the police’s reporting. But everything was fine, or how it was exaggerated, we destroyed the cozy atmosphere and the prime minister did not recognize the picture presented.

It is said that Sweden is a rich country. But even the self-image must be revised. Many old can not afford to eat good food, grandchildren deny LSS support and cancer dies in care queues, just as I told Czech television. No, it is not so rich in Rosengård and Angered and Vivalla or for that part of the small town of Fredrika in Åselekommun in Lapland, a populated building that is one of those parts of a dying Sweden, sometimes held alive thanks to Thai berry pickers and immigrant Hailers who provide food to hunting teams.

Eliasson also says this:

“We have serious crimes, we have drugs, we have fatal gangs in many places around Sweden. My assessment is that large parts of the establishment, the decision makers, do not visit these areas. There is some ignorance, there may be a belief that this does not look like Sweden, it does not match our self-image. I also think that development has deteriorated in recent years. ”

It would be a good idea if we could finally skip all the snapshots. If we could make a sensible debate about what is going on in Sweden. About the Swedish image, the non-flattering. In particular, I wish that all the reality-denying politically correct ones who live far from reality began to dare to acknowledge what many of us were alarmed about. It will not solve all the problems overnight. but at least it’s a beginning.

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