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Islamization of Sweden – Imams divide country between themselves

Islamization of Sweden – Imams divide country between themselves

The Sweden National Defense College has revealed Sweden as a country in the process of full Islamization: Imams dividing Sweden between themselves, creating and claiming their own terriories. Qu’ran education schools brainwashing children through literacy and, anti-democratic ideology. And from the Sunni people, there is an intensely depressing message of hatred towards the “unbelievers”, Jews, gay men, women and the Swedish society.

By – Brünnhilde

“Between Salafism and Salafic Jihadism” is the name of the shocking report published today from the Defense College. Here it is revealed that the proportion of violent Islamists, i.e. potential terrorists, has doubled over the past ten years, from 200 to 2,000 people. Sweden’s security authorities are already under severe pressure . Where will be in three years, five years if this terrifying growth continues?

But what is even more dangerous is the ideological decomposition of the Swedish nation, which occurs, in particular, from Salafic teams in the many Sunni mosques and their neighboring Koran schools scattered throughout the country. The comprehensive report describes the dangerous influence of Salafists, a widespread influence that has been going on for years.

“Among the more eye-catching and worrying events is their extensive travel to jihadist groups in Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq and Syria, as well as the terrorist attacks on Drottninggatan in Stockholm in 2010 and 2017,” writes the Defense College in its summary.

Another shocking piece of information to arise from the report is that no public authority had knowledge that Imams had divided Sweden geographically, nor were they aware that the Muslim leaders were rapidly spreading their hostile message through speeches in the mosques. These Salafist Imams also encourage manipulation of children from an early stage in order to “build a good Islamic character.”

The report also reveals how authorities, politicians and media – including in Norway – have greatly underestimated the obvious link between ideological salafism and violent salafism.

Aftenposten, a well-known printed newspaper in Norway, provides a good example of this naïve ignorance when they wrote an article stating Islam Net would be included in anti-radicalization work. Another example is the media stories that praised the 2014 Muslim demonstration in front of the Norwegian Parliament building against IS along with a description of how Prime Minister Erna Solberg spoke so warmly. Yes, she even quoted Hadith, the words and narrative of the Islamic prophet Allah. And of course in return for her support for Islamists/Salafists, she received support from state-funded teams.

“The vast majority of Islamists in the world are democratic,” claims the leader of Minotenk, a non-profit organization founded by Palestinian-Norwegian lawyer Abid Raja that focuses on multi-cultural issues.

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No, they are not, and this type of manipulation should have been removed from the start. And as the Swedish report states:

“There is a spectrum of different estimates between salafism and salafist-jihadism. Salafism has in some cases proved to be the basis of violence-raising jihadism,” the report states. “All salafists are not jihadists, but all jihadists are salafists (our research expert).”

Precisely this is what we have been saying over the years, mostly falling upon deaf ears.

And let us not even begin to talk about the police, who have collaborated with the same “Islam Net” to supposedly prevent radicalization which continues to flow down the mosques in partnership with the salafists there.

And everyone agreed that it had been a great day.

So what’s the difference between Salafism and Salafist Jihad?

“Salafism is a literary belief in Southern Islam that wants to return to the extreme Muslim religion as they perceive that it was lived and taught by the first three generations of Muslims after the Prophet Muhammad,” says Magnus Ranstorp (our research expert). “Salafists oppose all changes, deviations or renewals in religious interpretation, and reject the four schools of law in Sunni Islam.”

“Salafism is strongly interfaced between Muslims and non-Muslims, between pure and unclean Muslims, between men and women, between halal (permitted) and haram (forbidden), between Islam and West.

Military activists in Salafism are called Salafist Jihadists. The Islamic State Terrorist Organization (IS) consists of salafist jihadists,” he continues.

Foreign government reports and research show that Salafist ideology can provide a strong basis for salafic jihadism. Basically, there is an antidemocratic attitude in Salafism, because following God and God’s laws is allows for only one way.

“Our study shows that salafic information impact can contribute actively to promoting intolerance, discrimination and hate speech to other groups, especially against Jews and Shiites, as well as promote isolationist tendencies,” says Magnus Ranstorp. “It is important to analyze which salafic messages and influence methods that dominate Sweden in order to counteract antidemocratic influence.”

It is exactly these forces that have been given free leeway in Norway as well – the dangerous and widespread influences our taxpayers today are forced to sponsor financially.
It is on the verge of crime to continue to still choose to be blind and deaf. The Swedish Defense Defense College also confirms the full message in the book of Islam. The 11th land placement.

A book that the newspaper’s reviewer said was a “goodbye” from our side of the public debate. Perhaps it was the opposite, a goodbye to not just one, but to many researchers too.

For as Magnus Ranstorp researcher, says : “Politics and society should understand how these environments affect Swedish social development.”
Source: Hege Storhaug – rights.no
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