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ISLAM is part of Sweden: Mosque is being built in Alvesta

ISLAM is part of Sweden: Mosque is being built in Alvesta

A large mosque building in Alvesta has now received the green light approval from the municipality’s building committee. The building will cost a total of 15 million kronor and will accommodate 500 people.

By – Brünnhilde

This is seen as a victory for the Muslim population in the city who are claiming they are now part of Sweden and therefore require a special place in the community.

The location in which the mosque will be built is currently a quiet residential area, but with the development of this new mosque it is expected to become “turbulent”.

It was during Autumn in 2016 that Muslims bought land on Svampvägen in Alvesta to order to build their mosque.

Yesterday, the approval of Alvesta municipality, which justifies its decision, confirms that the application complies with the current detailed plan.

“This is a confirmation that we are a part of society. This is a great victory against the forces that say the opposite,” says Sharif Salangiri, one of the board members, to SVT News. He emphasizes that that he and his colleagues are “very happy”.

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“We have a lot of Muslims and the buildings we currently have does not sufficiently accommodate everyone. We need a sort of community center for the growing population of Muslims in Alvesta,” Sakangiri told P4 Kronoberg in January last year.

According to Lisbeth Holmqvist (S), chairman of the building board, it is “not strange” that the building permit was approved. The Building Act and the Environmental Code applies and therefore everyone is treated equally, she explains to SVT.

The purpose of the mosque is to allow Muslims to gather for Friday prayers and celebrations in accordance with their Islam customs. In addition, there are libraries for which the public may loan out books. However, some prayer calls are not interested in the current situation.

But Sharif Salangiri admits that many people are against the building. The current location is in a quiet area, but with the mosque it will likely become “turbulent” in the area, he says. However, he promises to keep track of his visitors as much as possible.

A petition in protest against the building has collected 672 signatures and has been filed against the Alvesta Municipal Authority.

The mosque will cost 15 million to build, and it is expected to be ready within two years. A large part of the money hopes to get through a collection. However, the building must also be approved in the technical investigation. 
“Financing is not ready, but we hope to get in 6.5 million kronor through a fundraising campaign that we will get started soon. We have traveled to Mosques in Sweden, Norway, France, Belgium and Germany and told about our project. Many are positive, says Sharif Salangiri.

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