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ISIS orders jihadis to ‘flatten’ Europe in posters HONOURING Khalid Masood

ISIS orders jihadis to ‘flatten’ Europe in posters HONOURING Khalid Masood

THE Islamic State has ordered jihadists to “flatten” Europe in a series of disgusting posters honouring murderer Khalid Masood in the aftermath of the Westminster Bridge attack. 

Via: has refused to show the harrowing propaganda images that have been leaked on social media calling on ISIS fanatics to commit further atrocities across Europe.

In one poster, a soldier is seen clutching at a gun in front of an image of London – featuring the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye – as it appears to burn to the ground.

While another encouraged supporters to carry out jihad, with an image of Masood’s car at the gates of the Houses of Parliament.

The poster also show a photo of Masood, born in Britain as Adrian Russell Ajao, appearing in a glowing moon behind the palaces.The harrowing images also appear alongside text, written in both arabic and English.One even reads: “We will make your countries a flat land where there is no smooth construction and plant.”    
The disgusting posters have been released just days after Wednesday’s fatal attack on Westminster Bridge. Around forty people were injured during the atrocity in which killer ploughed into pedestrians as he drove along the pavement before fatally stabbing PC Keith Palmer.London college worker and mum-of-two Aysha Frade, 43, US tourist Kurt Cochran, 54, and London pensioner Leslie Rhodes, 75, were also killed in Wednesday’s attack.And Masood was shot dead by officers as he tried to gain access to the houses of Parliament.

 But just hours after the heinous attack, ISIS celebrated the terror incident – calling it the “blessed London attack” and posting the words “Allahu Akbar” alongside horrific photos from the scene.
Ahmet Yayla, professor of Criminology and Former Counterterrorism Police Chief in Turkey, relayed updates from ISIS’ telegram, an encrypted messaging service.Mr Yayla has reported the ISIS account is: “Cheering for the #Westminster #Westmattack and posted the scheme for the attack. #London #ISIS.”


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