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Sweden really lost

Is Sweden really lost?

When reality does not meet your expectations, you are always disappointed and it is natural that many people are depressed and feel angry and hopeless about the election results.

By – Brünnhilde

Knowing anger and hatred over where Sweden is heading is basically something good. You are going to be angry with rapids becoming stronger, caregivers becoming longer, retirement will be worse, lawless areas multiply and school results will fall. It’s a freshness sign and means you care about and love your country.

Positive change only happens if we have had enough and decide to do something. That we jointly raise our standards, our demands on what is OK for ourselves and our society.

Most of you see where the country is heading and want to see a change. Unfortunately, I see some who have lost hope and think it’s late. That Sweden can not be saved.

I understand that you can feel so, but the good news is that it is certain that we are closer to the goal than we think!

Only 7 percent want to increase immigration

According to Demoskop’s 2016 survey, 70 percent want to reduce immigration, 22 percent are insecure and only 7 percent want to increase it! If we had a referendum, immigration would be lowered today, even though the establishment has tried to propagate for immigration in all these years.

The truth is also that the Swedish Democrats have risen sharply, the debate has been moved to the right, and parties that used to be for free immigration now are for a restrictive immigration. A majority of Alliance voters would rather see cooperation with SD than with the left, and new parties on the right side have been formed and have many smugglers.

It is noted that the Moderates and Christian Democrats, in essence, wanted to cooperate with the Swedish Democrats and had made it open if the aid had been sufficiently large. The voters of the Liberals also want it, but Jan Björklund acts as a legal opposition and cares more about the establishment than his constituents.

Only 6.4 percent left!

M, KD and SD together received 43.6 percent. Thus, only 6.4 percent or 420,000 voters remain in a conservative majority with restrictive immigration policy. And that’s a good start.

If immigration continues at the same rate as today, Sweden becomes a minority in Sweden in about 20 years. And if we manage to win over only 6.4 percent voters to and lower immigration, we’ll win several years. Also, note that even in countries where “white” is in a minority, like Brazil, right-wing national presidents are elected.

With the high wave sweeping through the entire West, and with many mid-voters as “half-awake” we must, understand that immigration costs money but has not yet taken the final step to dare to vote nationalistically), the future looks really bright!

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How do we save Sweden?

Whether Sweden “wakes up” quickly, slowly or not at all depends on us immigration critics. It’s about which side is best at convincing the middle voters, we or the globalists.

In classical rhetoric you talk about pathos (sense), ethos (speaker’s confidence) and logos (reason). We all agree that the strength of nationalism is the reason. We have cold facts and surveys on our site. What we have missed is trust and emotional arguments, and that’s where we have to work.

Many complain that too few women vote for the Swedish Democrats and the equivalent in Sweden, and it is true that women often have more empathy and think less logically when making decisions. But if we look at Hungary, more women vote than men in Orbans party Fidesz, and Putin is extremely popular with women in Russia. So women’s high empathy is not a problem in itself, we must only target it to our own people instead of against economic migrants. It’s just practicing the emotional argument.

SD support alternative media!

In order to increase trust, I would like to ask everyone, especially Sweden Democrats, to support alternative media more and stop legitimizing mainstream media that want our people badly. Listen to alternative podcasts, get active on social media, support Youtubekanals and “Swish-journalists” who fight for you and your people. I think the Swedish Democrats lost a lot to link more to Expressen than to the Social News.

The war in Sweden has so far been just a metapolitical war, and if we all do our best and win, we hope hopefully a real civil war in the future.

Source: ingridochmaria.se

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