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"Integration has failed for 30 years" - return of Sweden's immigrants

“Integration has failed for 30 years” – return of Sweden’s immigrants

For the Almedal Week, Alternatives for Sweden have developed a information brochure for re-entry. There is information provided to all those who will return when AFS gets political power, announced party chairman Gustav Kasselstrand during a squad meeting today. According to the party, the “integration” has totally failed.

By – Brünnhilde

AFS has developed “Sweden’s most important folder”, as it is called. It is about the “Half a million” datasheet, which is said to contain “everything” that immigrants need to know in order to be able to return to their homelands.

“With this folder we will be able to recreate a safe and Swedish Sweden. A Bullerbyn, coming back. Mark my words,” announced Gustav Kasselstrand in Almedalen on Tuesday.

Alternatives to Sweden does not aim to remove all the immigrants, but “at least” 500,000, according to their policy. They also advocate that all residence permits since 2000 have to be re-examined.

“Sweden is seen by other countries as a ‘horrible example’ of immigration, and that picture is correct,” Kasselstrand continues. “The only ones who refuse to understand this are Swedish politicians and journalists.”

“It is not we who have created the problems. It’s the political class. But we are the ones who are going to solve the problems,” said the AFS leader and emphasised that only the parties that approach the idea of re-immigration can solve the problems.

“You cannot solve radical problems with just policy,” he says.

According to Kasselstrand, Sweden should stop trying to implement “integration” because multiculturalism is an impossibility.

“Integration policy has been a total failure for 30 years. All politicians have failed. They have only burned our tax money. That is why return is so important, and it must be done quickly.”

When questioned as who should be returned home, Kasselstrand answered:

“People who have been granted a residence permit, those who have committed crimes that paralysed Swedish society; Those who took advantage of our welfare system and abused our hospitality. There are no jokes, it’s not a shame about these people. These are the people who have doubled with laughter to the Swedish politicians’ naivety. Year after year. Why should they stay in Sweden? Why should they be integrated? They thank us by destroying our towns, criminalising society and abusing our hospitality. They have nothing to do in Sweden. They are going back to their homelands,” said Gustav Kasselstrand.

During the tenth meeting in Visby on Tuesday, the party leader also told that Alternatives for Sweden had been promised a full-page ad in Expressen about the party’s new “Half a million” campaign. But at the last moment, the Bonnier magazine backed out, even though the newspaper itself asked if the party wanted to buy an advertisement. According to Kasselstrand, the decision was taken by the newspaper’s publisher, Thomas Mattsson.

“Lo and behold. He who did not make home visits to people and silenced ordinary Swedes using his freedom of speech,” Kasselstrand said ironically. “The knight of freedom of speech. He had no motivation, but you can imagine what it’s about. This is a clear sign that Expressen continues its crusade against freedom of expression. Nothing has changed. Expressen is a newspaper that conducts agenda-making journalism. It is a newspaper that for decades has tried to quench the open debate in Sweden. One has tried to scare the Swedes into silence by manipulation and destroying their lives.”

“At the same time, you have not examined the power of attorney, and that is why Sweden looks like it does today. It has been aimed at ordinary honorable Swedes, who expressed their concern about the state of affairs in the country. Journalists manipulating and rendering citizens without power on the front pages, only happens in Sweden. It is unthinkable in other countries. There is nowhere else,” said Gustav Kasselstrand.

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