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Inside Malmo – Where Muslims have turned Sweden into Somalia

During our week in Europe, we spoke to politicians, journalists and activists. But I knew the most interesting people to talk to would be Muslim migrants themselves. These are the kinds of interviews you just won’t see anywhere else, especially in the Canadian media.

Today, I’ll share my interviews with men in the Muslim majority Malmo neighbourhood of Rosengard.

These young men loiter at the mall all day.

They pretended to be shy, but they were riveted by what we were doing.

The one thing I got out of them was that they sure don’t like gays.

I’ll show you a few interviews with those Muslim men tonight, but I’ll end with one conversation that left me sad. And angry and scared.

It was with a non-Muslim woman repeating every liberal, multicultural cliche she had heard from politicians and the media, about how wonderful diversity was.

At least, that’s what she was trying to believe…

But it really isn’t diverse in Rosengard is it? It’s 90% Muslim.

The mall’s liquor store is gone — but lots of hijabs are for sale.

That woman is Sweden personified.

It took Malmo 700 years to become a great city.

And it’s taken twenty years to slip away.

Via: therebel.media

Europe conquered by Muslims without war and voluntary