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Immigration Sweden style: 3,000 Muslim immigrants arrived by direct flights from Greece

Now Sweden has fulfilled the EU decision that calls for all Member States to receive immigrants from Africa and Syria from camps in Greece and Italy.

By – Brünnhilde

3,045 people have arrived in Sweden, the majority of which arrived in the last six months, according to the Migration Board today. The immigrants have been sent by direct flights to Sweden. But Poland and Hungary have yet to receive a single immigrant.

It was in September 2015 that the EU decided that other EU states would “relieve” Greece and Italy of the many immigrants the countries had taken in.

The Swedish government agreed to receive 3,000 of these Syrian and African immigrants. Many of the so-called refugees have been sent by direct flights to Sweden, the Migration Board reported last summer.

The authority then announced that almost 100 percent of those who fly directly to Sweden will automatically receive a residence permit.

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“Most people will get a residence permit. Between 90 and 100 percent. We do not accept people in this way just to send them back,” said Per-Erik Bjurholt, Head of Unit at Migration Board.

Now the relocation work is in action and more than 3,000 immigrants have arrived to Sweden. 25 countries have received a total of 32,702 immigrants, writes Migrationsverket on Monday.

“Those who have come here have been very happy. They have been well looked after, following a lengthy and tough waiting period,” said Louise Weber, who has led the Migration Board’s work on the mission, in a statement issued.

Germany has in absolute terms received the most relocated immigrants, a figure close to 10,300. France comes second with almost 5,000, and thirdly Sweden, which has received more than 3,000.

Poland and Hungary have not received a single redeployed immigrants due to their firm stance that immigration is a threat to their countries.
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