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Imam preaching in Denmark: You may commit any crimes – murder, rape of children, selling drugs – As long as you pray five daily prayers.

Imam preaching in Denmark: You may commit any crimes – murder, rape of children, selling drugs – As long as you pray five daily prayers.

Mohamed Hoblos is a tough Salafist Muslim, born in Australia but with Lebanese roots. In a video , he can be seen explaining to imprisoned Muslims that they can commit any crimes – murder, rape of children, selling drugs – just by praying their five daily prayers.

By – Brünnhilde

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Here’s what he says in the clip:

“Whoever sells drugs, cheats, drinks alcohol, commits murder and rapes children every day but prays, is still better in Allah’s eyes than the person who does not commit one of these sins but shuns in the prayers! Whoever, for no matter what reason, misses a single prayer in his life is worse than a murderer, worse than a rapist, worse than a terrorist and worse than a pedophile in the eyes of Allah.”

Yesterday his movie “Last Chance” was shown in the Cinemaxx Cinema at Fisketorvet in Copenhagen. The film is about young criminal boys and how they become better people as they become practicing Muslims.

According to a report in Jyllands-Posten , the audience was divided according to Islamic rules: the men at the front and the women behind it.

Mohamed Hoblos has a large following on social media – approximately 54,000 followers alone on Twitter and Facebook.

Hoblos also creates videos on his own Youtube channel where he gives advice on how Muslims will do in different situations, ranging from celebrating New Year’s Eve to dealing with depression and family relationships.

In one of the videos, he calls on young Muslims to stay away from places where people celebrate New Year’s Eve because that day has no meaning in Islam:

“Stay away from arrangements that disobey Allah, where the sexes are mixed and where there is alcohol,”

he says as he urges Muslims to instead stay home and reflect on the year.

Conservative parliamentary member Naser Khader, a former Muslim, is critical of Hoblos’ influential material being released into Denmark. To Jyllands-Posten he says:

I do not understand why Mohamed Hoblos is not on the watchlist of ‘hatred preachers’. He has said that it is worse to miss a prayer than to be a child rapist. I would like to request the Minister of Immigration and Integration [Inger Støjberg] to ensure that he is on the list and cannot return to Denmark.

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Naser Khader believes that the movie’s message is worrying.

“I do not like to solve crime with religion, because sometimes it ends with both parts and it can be a very dangerous cocktail.”

Kenneth Kristensen of the Danish People’s Party has also turned to Inger Støjberg and asked her to explain how a Danish cinema could open the doors to a man like Mohamed Hoblos. But Cinemaxx, who had hired a salon to the organizer Viomis Aid, wrote in a Facebook message that they viewed the movie and that it was not “offensive, illegal or otherwise compromising”.

The newspaper Svegot tried to get a comment from the cinema Röda Kvarn in Helsingborg that belonged to the People’s Houses and Parks, something that proved impossible. We therefore booked tickets for the show and were intending to attend the film tonight.

But a couple of hours ago, an email arrived notifying me that Red Kvarn had canceled both of the film’s presentations. The money was refunded and instead, the film would be shown free of charge at Helsingborg’s mosque at 9 o’clock. We were most likely not welcome there and would probably have faced danger if we turned up there.

Neither today has it been possible to get a comment from the People’s Houses and Parks. When we called the manager in Helsingborg, Louise Leghammar, she confirmed that the arrangement was canceled but refused to answer any questions. She said that CEO Calle Nathanson would call us back to answer our questions and then she quickly hung up the handset.

Nathanson never rang.

We then sought the press secretary Anna Engstrand. She also referred to the CEO and quickly ended the phone call after just ten seconds of conversation. Calle Nathanson himself is impossible to get hold of.

Undoubtedly, what is happening and why the People’s Houses and Parks absolutely do not want to tell the public what lies behind their decision to cancel the hate preacher Mohamed Hoblos and his film is worrying.
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