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READ MORE: “Imam Jihad” behind the Muslim FAMILY Days in Kista, Stockholm

“Imam Jihad” behind the Muslim FAMILY Days in Kista, Stockholm

Over the weekend, the Muslim Family Days will be held in Stockholm. Organizers of this annual event are the student association Ibn Rushd, Sweden’s Young Muslims and IFIS, the Islamic Federation in Sweden. 

By – Brünnhilde

Similar to previous years, Muslim families have once again invited preachers and lecturers who are well-known for inciting homophobia and calling for religious wars.

Bassam al Baghdady have brought to our attention that one of the guests is Dr. Noureddine Khademi, known in his native Tunisia known as “Imam Jihad” as he has repeatedly urged his many followers to go to Syria to fight the holy war (jihad). He is a popular advocate and well-known missionary for the introduction of Sharia.

Dr Noureddine Khademi is scheduled to give two lectures during the Muslim Family Days, one today in direct connection to Friday’s prayer. The Swedish Migration Board has not seen a reason to deny Noureddine Khademi’s appearance despite the clear possibility of doing so under Sweden’s current regulations.

The election of Nourredine Khademi makes logical sense as Ibn Rushd, in his 2017-2018 business plan, has established a program called “Young Dawah” as a popular education initiative for young Muslims. Dawah is a Muslim salvation work, which Ledarsidorna.se reported earlier.

Organizers behind the event are similar to previous years, the Islamic Federation, the Ibn Rushd Study Association and Sweden’s young Muslims. The Islamic Association is the foundation that acquired the Granhedsgården AB hotel, as well as receiving funds from the Education Council for Education. Since the acquisition, parts of Granhedsgården were transferred to the Islamic foundation, which is entirely out of public inspection.

The suspicious way in which Ibn Rushd handed over funds for the acquisition of Grannesgården was revealed first by Ledarsidorna.se in July 2015 , including how Omar Mustafa then transferred the company to the IFIS foundation. At the time of the transaction, Mustafa was both Chairman of IFIS and Chairman of Granhedsgården AB, as well as today, Associate Professor of Student Association Ibn Rushd.

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Who joins IFIS, Ibn Rushd and Sweden’s young Muslims is Ibn Rushd, Federal Rev. Omar Mustafa. who until recently had chaired IFIS and who previously also served as Secretary General of Sweden’s Young Muslims.

Both IFIS and Sweden’s young Muslims are part of FOIE, Forum for European Muslim Youth. FOIE is the Muslim umbrella organization along with its Student Organizations, where Mustafa previously sat on the board.

One of the sponsors of the Muslim Family Days is the Islamic Relief, the Muslim Brotherhood Assistance Organization, which is funded exclusively for tax purposes for its operations in Sweden. Even with a seat on its board, Omar Mustafa has had a prominent role.

Omar Mustafa’s representative as chairman of IFIS is former MP member Abdirizak Waberi, who runs independent schools in western Sweden together with Chakib Benmakhlouf. Waberi is vice chairman of FIOE. His title is Vice President and Head of Citizenship and PR Department.

Muslim Family Days are carried out by organizations that are exclusively made possible by funding from the education and culture government departments, supervised through the National Education Council and the SST, the government finance fund.

This year, just like many previous years, the organisation has invited ministers with a well-known history to spread homophobia and urge for jihad, using Swedish tax dollars which were mainly generated by the National Council for Education.

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