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Hunt on Four Muslim immigrants rapists in Östersund

One of the rapes in Östersund in recent days was a violence group with three offenders. All those involved in rape are dark-haired, the police write on their website.

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The police have now come up with new information about the two assault violence in Östersund that occurred the night against Sunday and night by Monday. In one case, the girl was attacked by three different men.

During the night to Sunday, a young woman born in 1999 was caught in a courtyard and raped by an unknown man at Köpmangatan 49 in Östersund. The woman could not scream because the perpetrator held her mouth while raping her.

According to the girl’s description, the perpetrator was between 30-40 years, about 170 cm tall and “looked strong”. He was dark-tempered and had a short well-dressed beard and a mustache that was powerful and, as far out as possible, pointed upwards. The hair was short and dark and the eyes were dark. The eyebrows were bushy. The man spoke Swedish with refraction, but also another language that the girl did not understand. He was wearing military green clothes, a long sweater or jacket that was clumsy as well as pants of the same color and were “hushed”. The man had a hat or a backward cap, writes the police.

The night after Monday another rape occurred in Östersund, which according to the police’s latest information was a group robbery of three offenders.

The rape occurred between 03.00 and 04.00 on 17th July at Storgatan 59 C. The woman was attacked by three men who collaborated during the deed.

Male 1 should be between 175-180 cm, bald and with normal bodybuilding. Male 2 is 175-180 cm, has a large burry beard, dark hair and strong bodybuilding. Male 3 has dark short hair on the sides and longer hair on the head, as well as an athletic body building.

The three men are all easily dark-haired and talked to each other in a foreign language. They were wearing dark pants (jeans or kinos) and had dark shirts, reports the police.

Both crimes have been investigated by forensics and criminals. But what the investigations have come to be, the police do not want to tell now.

SVT News downsizes the events and continues to hide the signal elements, despite the risk that men can commit new rape and that the police obviously want help finding the offenders.

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