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Human trafficking in Sweden is increasing – Cubans are a new group

The number of cases of human trafficking continues to increase in Sweden. The Migration Board’s statistics from the first half of 2017, writes in a press release. Often it is about sexual exploitation or so-called undue exploitation as a labor force.

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The Swedish Migration Board detects trafficking at more and more of its cases. The increasing trend is clear, Come in.

In the first half of this year, 231 cases were reported, which is significantly more than last year when it was 163 during the same period. 46 of the 231 cases are about persons who are minors.

In 118 cases, human trafficking is are suspected sexual purposes. In 64 cases of forced labor or unfair exploitation in the labor market In 13 cases it is about begging.

The cases are detected in both asylum, work permits and affiliations, the authority writes. They are in principle always reported to the police as suspected trafficking in human beings, except if there are very old cases and clear data are missing. In such cases, the police are informed of available information.

– The increase has been going on for several years. An important reason is that the work’s ability to find suspicious cases has improved, “says Kajsa Törnqvist Netz, coordinator of the Migration Board in the work against trafficking in human beings.

The Authority has invested in training, better tools and more effective methods for detecting suspected cases.

“The awareness of our managers has clearly increased in recent years,” said Törnqvist.

Among other things, the increase is due to asylum in 2015. The Swedish Migration Board is still investigating cases from autumn that year.

A group that has not been seen before in these contexts is asylum seekers from Cuba. Between 1 January 2016 and 30 June 2017, 98 Cubans sought asylum in Sweden. Cubans are thus a small group of all asylum seekers, but the Migration Board still sees a clear increase.

“Among the Cubans, we have identified a relatively large proportion of suspect victims of trafficking in human beings. It’s about both women and men and we suspect it’s about sexual exploitation or undue exploitation as a labor force, “says Kajsa Törnqvist Netz.

Due to the Cuban cases, the Swedish Migration Board has established a special contact with the police authority.

– We need to straighten out some question marks in these cases. Among other things, we need to clarify how people entered the Schengen area, as only a few asylum seekers from Cuba have had a valid Schengen visa when they applied for asylum in Sweden.

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