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Housing migrants could see Swedes foot MILLION pound bill in 2017

SWEDISH taxpayers could be forced to foot a million pound bill to house migrants as the country faces a property crisis and new arrivals stretch resources to breaking point.

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In September it emerged several councils in the Scandinavian country are prioritising the requests of asylum seekers ahead of their own citizens, with migrants given housing straight away, despite Swedes being placed on a huge waiting list.

It has now emerged Swedes could be 1.3 billion kronor out of pocket in 2017 as the Migrant Agency needs to ensure it is able to “comply with the applicable laws and regulations” by allocating the relevant allowances to asylum seekers, municipalities, and local government, as well as provide housing for them.

The shocking figure comes as the agency expects more than 34,000 people to seek asylum in Sweden this year, compared to the 29,000 applications which were filed in 2016.

Acting deputy chief of operations at the Migration Agency, Veronika Lindstrand Kant, said: “The biggest challenge for Migrationsverket is that during this year we need to make more decisions on applications than ever before across all categories.

Swedish taxpayers could be forced to foot a million pound bill to home migrants


“We now have an intake system which is working to reduce the volume, which means we can get control of and make more decisions for more people to get an answer in their cases.”

Ms Kant added the forecast over how many migrants would seek asylum in Sweden could change depending on negotiations between the European Union and Turkey.

She also said the temporary border controls, which were implemented after the migrant crisis started in 2015, could only be kept in place for two years.

Meaning that by November 2017, Sweden will no longer be able to keep their borders closes as they are members of the Schengen Zone.

We also expect our border controls to expire in November

Veronika Lindstrand Kant

“Above all that’s because of the agreement between the EU and Turkey,” Ms Kant said.

“There’s a lot of uncertainty there. On top of that, we also expect our border controls to expire in November, and that border controls will only be granted for two years.”

While the Migration Agency flagged Brussels’ future deal with Turkey as a potential cause for a spike in asylum applications, Migration Minister Morgan Johansson said he is not particularly worried.

He said: “The EU will not allow the kind of uncontrolled rush which we saw in the autumn of 2015 for example. That would be politically very difficult to accept for the EU member states.”

The shock prediction Swedes might have to foot a million pound bill comes after Therese Borg, of the Swedish Democrats (SD) party in October fumed against the policy which let migrants ship ahead of locals in the housing queue.

At the time 20 accommodations in Klippan, in south Sweden, were being prepared for migrants after a new policy demanded all available apartments owned by the municipal property company be put aside for asylum seekers.

Ms Borg said asylum seekers urgently needed to be placed on the list alongside regular people because hardworking citizens risked growing resentful of the preferential treatment.

She told Nyheteridag: “You can see a lot of comments on Facebook. People are p****d off.”

In addition to the housing crisis, social services in the Scandinavian country has been pushed to the brink with police warning they do not have the resources to cope with the influx.

In 2015, Sweden received more than 160,000 asylum applications and last week, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven was lambasted by right-wing politicians as they said more recourse and police were needed now as officers are losing the uphill battle secure law and order across the nation.

The Sweden Democrats (SD) and Moderate Party (MP) also raged against the Swedish PM for the crisis within the police force.

In Malmo, Sweden’s third-largest city, the situation has grown so serious, politicians urged for military intervention to regain control as thugs rampage and set cars on fire.

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