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Hörby: Fierce war between Afghans and Albanians immigrants gangs

 Knark sales, Afghans portrayed from culture houses and jealousies.

In Hörby, the battle of the square has created great tensions between different ethnic groups.

Between them is the police.

– Soon it will hit. Totally guaranteed. Now the Afghans do not dare to go out. The Albanians keep an eye on them watching them. They want to kill them, says resident Shkelzen Kuci.


One evening at the beginning of the summer, a large bully of about fifty people, children, teens and adults tries to storm a HVB home in Hörby, just a few meters from centrally located Nya Torg.

They think that an Afghan guy who knives a teenager moves into the accommodation.

On the balcony above the main entrance, the staff goes out to try to calm the mob. They have not seen anyone run into the accommodation.

It does not help.

The mob tries to get into the house and threatens to burn it down and to kill everyone inside. The atmosphere is so aggressive that the staff call the police.

When several patrols and a pick-up force from Malmö arrive to the scene, they pass the mob and kick the door to the HVB home. With stretched arms, the policemen pull out the single people living on the accommodation, one by one, and put them against the wall. But they find no one who seems to have committed the knife council.

Later, the suspect will be found in a completely different place. Then the municipality has already been forced to evacuate the HVB home. The security of staff and accommodation can not be guaranteed.

Afterward, local media reports briefly about the chaotic evening as a single event in the small Skåne society.

But it should prove to be a part of something bigger than that.

On social media, Hörbybor writes that someone has lit “the spark that lights the whole fire“. The policy that the bosses advocate is not anchored among the residents.

Many people feel that the unaccompanied people have brought trouble and insecurity to the place.

I decide to seek out the Afghans that many in Hörby have opinions about, and some seem to want to go away with violence.


The municipality in Hörby has had problems with several HVB ​​homes in the municipality.

Among other things, a home where staff tried to radicalize young people, as the Evening Post has previously told. The municipality broke the cooperation with the company, but still rent a villa owned by the company.

There have also been great tensions between unaccompanied Afghans and a group of second-generation Swedes, with Albanian origin. Violence and crime which, according to the police, are attributed to drug sales, the jealousy drama and violent crime groups.

It has, among other things, led to Afghan portats from a municipality-driven activity house, of Albanians.

On the square, there is a knark, which the police are aware of – but the insecurity is great.

When an Albanian boy is blunted, an Afghan single is accused – and several people are storming a HVB home where Afghans live.

At the same time, they are accused of being enslaved for all possible in social media. Several things where the truth later turned out to be different from how it was measured.

Called “Pig Square”

In the 1930s, Nya Torg was called the “Pig Square”.

Hörby was known for Skåne’s largest pig market, which was here every Thursday.

Now the square is surrounded by different stores. Systembolaget, electronics store and clothing store, among other things.

In the evenings, when the shops are closed, other types of business take place.

“Two young people are suspected of having smoked haddock at one of Hörby’s residents for single-parent”.

“The municipality buys HVB homes for 5.8 million”.

“During the spring, the social housing administration has completed the economy, which shows a deficit of SEK 6.8 million. In order to meet the budget, staff reductions have been announced. “

“Storbråk på Nya Torg”.

The types of headlines, articles and status updates are diverted in various forums on social media, where many of Hörby’s residents discuss the situation in the municipality.

Many are critical of Hörby’s receipt of new arrivals, which the municipality must act by law.

Above all, it is a group that many are critical of: unaccompanied Afghans.

They are considered to have caused Hörby problems that the municipality does not want to grab.

In early December, the municipality invited the public to inform about what was being done to create security in the village. Then the council council Susanne Meijer (S) went to the local press and informed that Hörbyborna would not have to vent his concerns or debates – just ask questions.

Then two little guys who had been on the Pokémonjakt on New Square had been attacked by a bunch of older teenage boys. A ten year old was parked and shot in the back of a Soft Air Gun gun. A “mischief” as his mother described it because the boy did not know what kind of weapon the older boys put on his head before they pushed off.

On social media and right-wing sites were identified as unanimous.

In the summer and autumn of 2016 several rape were reported in Hörby. Investigations delayed and created great frustration among many residents. In several of the cases, unaccompanied Afghans were suspected of rape. In social media, Hörbybor claimed that the police and the media darkened what had happened.

But in the last year, Hörby has had several problems with HVB homes where single-living lived.

In February this year, the municipality terminated the contract with a company where convicted persons drove a bad and troubled home. An Afghan had threatened to burn down the accommodation and another had hit the manager.

In April, Hörby broke with another company that ran HVB homes after staff tried to radicalize the unaccompanied people.

Rachid Kraitiss has long been working with strange youngsters.


“They take over the streets”

In a car shop, we meet Hörbybon Rachid Kraitiss, of Moroccan origin, who has long been working with strange youngsters. Now he works at a school in the municipality. He says he does not recognize Sweden anymore.

– Some are taking over the streets. They have less respect for society. No respect for the law and so on. It is important to inform these unions about their obligations, not just their rights, “Kraitiss said, who himself came to Sweden 45 years ago.

He compares the unaccompanied Afghans with another large group who immigrated to the region in the early 1990s.

“Many of us who live here have children, grandchildren. We have a lot to lose, but they do not have the same thing. It’s completely wrong when people do not dare to go out, “he said.

Then he points to a map that is neatly framed against the wall of the car shop. A map of the Republic of Kosovo.

“When the Albanians came here we had no major problems with them. Today they work in society. Nobody has helped Albanians get on their feet and to build companies like this.

Hörbybon Shkelzen Kuci came from Kosovo in 1988. Photo: JENS CHRISTIAN / EXPRESSEN / VALUE POST


Hörbybon Shkelzen Kuci, who came from Kosovo in 1988, recently came home from a short trip to his country of origin. When he slowed down with the car in Hörby he was stopped by police who searched all the cars in the area.

He was also in the square that night when several police patrols arrived at New Square and stormed into the HVB home a bit away.

“It was full of police with masks and drawn weapons. We are not used to seeing here in Hörby, in a small society. I thought, “where are we, Afghanistan?”. Fortunately, my daughter does not live here in Hörby, I would not have liked it, he says.

The majority of the mob who tried to storm the HVB home were Kosovo Albanians. After a young boy with Albanian background was stabbed, the perpetrator was rumored to be an Afghan who had sprung onto the accommodation.

– Soon it will hit. Totally guaranteed. Now the Afghans do not dare to go out. The Albanians keep an eye on them watching them. They want to kill them, says Shkelzen Kuci.

It turns out that a large and infected fraction is taking place between unaccompanied Afghans and Hörbybor with Albanian roots.

In a popular activity house that the municipality operates, Albanians have ported Afghans.

The officials in the municipality are well aware of the escalating conflict.

Eva Klang Vänerklint is social director in the municipality.


Social Director: There is a political side

Social Manager Eva Klang Vänerklint has a hard time going on vacation. She sits and stresses an extraservice, a youth coordinator who will help the municipality to “take back the square”, as she says.

The conflict between young Afghans and Albanians is not least seen in New Town, your many elderly do not venture out in the evening.

“At the same time there is a political side of this where you do not like to tinkthings down, but rather tune them up. You do not take responsibility for the town’s well-being. You point out small groups, says the social manager.

She mentions forums on social media where unaccompanied Afghans are placed against Hörby’s elderly inhabitants.

“Most of our budget is investing in the elderly, yet it sounds as though we are in disrepute. At the same time, the situation among the young people is very important.

Newspaper Archive from 1992:

• In Current Affairs, Immigration Minister Birgit Friggebo (FP) says: “Apparently there is some tradition or something that makes them (Kosovo Albanians) more prone to sneak and steal bikes and laundry.”

• In Expressen, New Democracy’s then party leader Bert Karlsson says: “Take the Kosovo Albanians for example. I think we should throw every one out. They are no refugees. Many of them organize crime in Sweden to get money for weapons until the war they want to start in Kosovo. ”

At the entrance to Hörby’s polishus, we meet a police officer who is interrupted by the phone’s call.

” Viva Las Vegas ” sounds high volume from the phone.

Getting a police to talk to in the area is not easy.

After several days, we finally get to the municipal police Niklas Årcén.

He confirms that for a period of at least one and a half years there has been a break between unaccompanied and “second-generation immigrants and boys of Swedish background”.

When we tell that unaccompanied and staff believe that the police stormed the HVB home that night at the beginning of June – because of the drive that Afghan people in the municipality are exposed to – he does not agree. It’s not the first time the police crawl houses based on rumors.

– I regret that it became a difficult situation. Even if no offender is arrested, we must act in emergency situations based on the information available there. Then it can lead us to invade people’s accommodation.

The reasons for the hurdles in Hörby are several, he says.

“It’s all about wanting to show who determines, jealousy men, but also criminal objects like drugs,” says Niklas Årcén.

Niclas Årsén is aware of drug sales in the square. Photo: JENS CHRISTIAN / EXPRESSEN / VALUE POST


He knows that it is sold openly on New Square and says that the police authority is taking serious problems. They want people to dare to stay outside in the square.

“It’s quite complex, but it’s about conflicts about where to sell. Skåne is quite small, so it has connections to networks and people in other cities as well, for example, Malmö. So this is not just about Hörby.

In recent years, most of the resources from the police area, including Höör and Eslöv, have been invested in Hörby,

In 2016, 20 reports were made about sexual abuse in the municipality. More than twice as many as five years ago. In addition, reports of rape have increased. Several of the reports concern an attended group violence in central Hörby at the end of July last year, where unaccompanied suspects were suspected.

“SD was not there then”

In the car shop, Rachid Kraitiss is standing over and thinking about Sweden that has been and what he is living in now.

“When the Albanians came, SD was not available, which mobilizes many today. There the Afghans are unlucky, he says.

In Hörby, every fourth inhabitant votes on the Swedish Democrats.

Rachid Kraitiss understands that many are turning to the party, but do not believe that criticism of immigration and multiculturalism leads to anything but conflicts.

“In the school where I work, the majority of Swedes are. There are boys in fourth grade calling me fucking blonde. There I am a Mohammed. Everyday I’ve been told that I’m going to fuck my mom, I’m a negro. Do you understand? They are ten years old. Many children in Hörby have been told at home at the kitchen table. And now they’ve got Afghans here …

Afghans are accused most of the time today. Even such as Afghans apparently did not.

The “Skenmaking” where a ten-year-old is shot in the back of a Soft Air Gun gun is one such example. According to the police we talked to, it was not unaccompanied or newly arrived at all, which was allegedly in spite of social media and right-wing sites.

Shkelzen Kuci, the Kosovo Albanian, points out that all problems do not depend on the Afghans.

“Albanians are also shit boots. There are idiots in all groups. But here it is about young people of a special age who do not go together. Children just left on the street.

According to police, the guy is beaten by an Afghan, who was given a bully to attack the HVB home, himself known by the police and having a criminal background.

“We Albanians are like teasers if someone from another nationality goes to one of us,” says Shkelzen Kuci. Even if we do not even greet the countryman.

Several serious incidents have occurred in Hörby, in the swallows of the conflict. Photo: JENS CHRISTIAN / EXPRESSEN / VALUE POST


Inside the HVB home, the employee is Mohammed Gulchin and remembers when the police stormed in.

“It was me who called the police and said we needed help when the mob stood outside and threatened to burn the house. I do not understand why the police broke the garage door. They grabbed me and they told us to “shut up”. I tried to explain that I am a staff member.

According to his boss Kristina Cavetoft, who lived in Hörby for 17 years, there is an “inhumane drive towards the HVB home and the content”. She believes that the drive led to the police move.

“The police rained all the guys against the wall. That’s how I had just watched movies. They went on rumors. Then they would never have done if someone said that someone had come into my house. The suspect of the knife council was found far from here, she said.

Ali was placed against the wall

One of the unaccompanied who was facing the wall of the police that night was Ali, who is actually called something else.

He says that everything depends on the shops that take place in the square: knarklangning.

– Afghans do not want to buy from those who sell and sell, completely open. Most are Albanians. They stand in the square and say “do you need help?” When asked what they mean they answer “hash”.

Ali screws on.

– Everything is about hash. They want to sell, we do not want to buy from them. And, you know, what they sell comes from Afghanistan.

The trouble with the Albanians has made one of the guys at the HVB home not dare to go to school for six months.

The disturbances between the “Albanians and Afghans” are still ongoing.

Theories of how the noise started were many. From the usual youth stakes where one group did not let the others enter the soccer field, to young criminals fighting for power over the drug stores in the square.

– The police do not seem to care. They know where the criminals in Hörby exist. I have seen that they carry weapons, says Ali.

Several of the guys find that they are the new hacking chick in a place where criminal residents exploit contempt for the Afghans. “Hörby is crazy,” they say. Many people do not dare to go out now, and rather go to Malmö where they get breathtaking.

– Few believe in us Afghans here in Hörby. We have no power, many of us do not even have a residence permit.

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