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Hässleholm Muslims want New mosque - for children can "learn Arabic

Hässleholm Muslims want New mosque – for children to “learn Arabic”

Hässleholm’s Muslims are in desperate need of a new mosque since their former burnt down. Among other things, you want the children to learn Arabic, report SVT Skåne.

By – Brünnhilde

Three months ago the mosque in Hässleholm was completely destroyed by a fire.

It was during Ramadan at the end of May as the former prayer room burned. The police classified the incident as a fiery fire, but the investigation was dropped in the absence of evidence.

Now, however, the city’s Muslims need a new mosque.

The temporary premises cost $ 500 per hour to use.

“In the mosque you should be able to pray five times a day, have meetings, children should learn Arabic and adults learn Swedish,” says Ismail Durragi, chairman of the Islamic Association in Hassleholm.

Right now, we use the old dining room on the T4 registry area in Hässleholm, where the “mats turn to Mecca” by the Muslims.

However, according to the association, there is only one time a month and therefore it would be better for a permanent mosque where they could be constantly gathering and teaching their about 200 members.

Source – svt.se

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