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Halmstad's paralyzed city: "brutal violence and a police force who dropped the ball"

Halmstad paralyzed’s city: “brutal violence and a police force who dropped the ball”

Eccording to Hallandsposten, there were “macabre scenes with brutal violence and a police force who sometimes lost control of the whole situation”. Who the people of these Muslim Gangs are, is currently unknown.

By – Brünnhilde

“It was the night when the police had to invest in security. That evening, at that point, macabre scenes with brutal violence and the police responded, but ultimately dropped the ball in regards to the whole situation.”

Expressen reports that there were two Muslim gangs responsible and extra staff were called in from Gothenburg. According to the police, the noise affected central Halmstad for several hours.

It started outside on a corner in Halmstad at night. The police were alerted and arrived on scene at 01.38. Security guards stated that they “were in a disadvantage”, that a greater rampage had began and that several people were injured. Three people have been reported injured, one is in serious condition.

The noise escalated, however, and the police had difficulty in controlling the situation during the night.

“It was an incredibly difficult situation for security guards and police for several hours,” said Stefan Gustavsson, president of the police in the west .

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Two different groups

The conflict arose, according to the police, between two different groups which quickly escalated during the night. New disturbances arose throughout the area as the police closed streets in parts of central Halmstad. In addition, extra police officers were called in from Gothenburg, which is about an hour away from Halmstad.

The persons responsible for the chaos fled the area by car which was later spotted on higway 15. But the police abandoned the chase due to the dangerously high speeds and wreckless driving.

Several caught

Two people arrested for suspicion of being in the car were found in possession of narcotics.

Immediately after 03 o’clock the police found another two men in Trönninge that were connected to the car.

According to the police, the four suspects are believed to be living in Helsingborg. They do not rule out that more arrests will take place.

No information about which “groups” that caused this disturbance has yet to be found.

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