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Malmö reality show: Gunshots and drug trafficking on the streets

Malmö reality show: Gunshots and drug trafficking on the streets

Outside influences have grown rapidly under the Swedish red-green regime (the alliance of Social Democrats and the Environmental Party) and it is therefore no wonder that criminals have gained ground, according to Tobias Billström and Torbjörn Tegnhammar, Moderates.

By – Brünnhilde

To prevent shootings like the attack on Monday at Drottninggatan in Malmö again, exclusion must be counteracted, effective measures taken to remove young members from crime and the most violent criminals must end up in prison, according to the Moderates.

Of the six injured people hospitalized following the shooting attack in Drottninggatan, three of them eventually died of their injuries.

“Unfortunately, we are quite used to this kind of affair,” said police clerk Stefan Sintéus during a press conference last week.

And it is unfortunately the truth. Gunshots and drug trafficking on the open street has become a reality in Malmö.

Despite great efforts by the police, violent crime is widespread in Sweden. In several areas it is difficult or almost impossible for the police to do their jobs. The ongoing gang conflicts have brought terror to our city and prevent people from feeling safe. The use of violence between criminals has also increased both in scope and in severity, which is manifested, among other things, by the increased use of firearms and explosives.

The segregated environment in Malmö is an ideal ground for the criminal gangs. They have easy recruitment of new members. As evidenced by the police’s situation, the youth are strongly influenced and look up to the older criminals. young people are taken early in crime circles involving gangs and drug trafficking. The younger they are, the better because they cannot yet be penalized or they still receive a generous penalty due to their age.

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Multi-communities and outside education has grown under the red-green rule of the city, and it is therefore no wonder the criminals have gained ground. However, it is important to note that the Social Democrats and the Environmental Party, which both hold the dominant power in Malmö and in the country, have not done more to stop the development.

In order for Malmö citizens to achieve the security they deserve, several different types of measures must be taken.

The youth need early intervention to steer away from the criminal path, which can turn hopelessness into futility. Social services have tried to do it, but it has not yet worked successfully. Responsibility for preventive measures should therefore be shifted from the social services to the prosecution for children under the age of 18 who commit serious crime in gang environments.

In order to quickly halt the criminal gangs’ activity, more gang members must be removed from the street. We therefore want to lower the limit of mandatory detention. Today, detention is only mandatory for crimes that have two years’ imprisonment as a minimum penalty. We want this restriction lowered to a year’s imprisonment to increase the imprisonment of convicted gang members. In addition, we want to tighten the penalty for gang-related crime so that for longer periods of time, criminals are kept away from their gang environment and have greater opportunities to adapt to a life beyond the gang.

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Fear of the gang causes difficulty for the police and makes it hard for them to find witnesses and people who are willing to participate in a trial. This in turn renders it more difficult to judge those who commit crimes. Therefore, the Moderates want to strengthen the white-collar protection and introduce a crown witness system.

A crown witness is a person who himself has committed crime but who is given an opportunity to lower their punishment by participating in the investigation for other persons’ crime. It’s not about being able to buy freedom from the crimes you committed but in order to break today’s culture of silence and fear surrounding gang crimes.

In order to encourage more people to choose to leave their criminal path, an increased number of opportunities for alternative pathways are also required. Through a new national exit program, gang members will be faced with an ultimatum. Either they are included in the exit program with good opportunities for a honorable life in another city, or they can continue in their city with their criminal lifestyle. But in choosing the second option, they will also know that all law enforcement agencies will work together to ensure that the person in question is sentenced to a long prison sentence.

Significantly more must be done today to reduce segregation and prevent the progress of the criminal gang. Everyone living in Malmö deserves a life of security.

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