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Gothenburg takes down Pride flags - Not to "offend" Islam

Gothenburg takes down Pride flags – Not to “offend” Islam

Gothenburg has taken down all the rainbow flags around Götaplatsen Square during the night. This is because the Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram will perform at the Cultural Centre. If she was associated with the Pride Festival in any way, her career could be destroyed. 

By – Elodie Lewis 

Nancy Ajram’s team arrived in Gothenburg and discovered that there is a Pride Festival taking place in the Town. They demanded that all the Pride Rainbow flags we taken down.

First they wanted all the Pride flags around the Avenue area to be taken down, however this demand was not accepted and it was then decided to take down all the Pride flags around the Gotaplats and they were taken down during Friday night.

Nancy Ajram is an artist whose career is 99 percent in Muslim Middle East Countries where homosexuality is forbidden and in some cases the death penalty is applied for homosexuals.

The Director of Goteborgs Cultural Centre and chairman of West Pride in Gothenburg , Tasso Stafilidis , said to GP ‘ we cannot force Nancy Ajram to make a political statement by appearing to support  a “Pride Rainbow ” event.

Nancy Ajram is one of the World’s greatest singing stars. She is already controversial in the Middle East purely because of the fact that she is a female performer.

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Nancy is not Muslim herself – but Christian . She has faced controversy in the past when performing in the Middle East. In Bahrain, conservative Muslims protested outside the concert hall where she was performing and concert attendees were attacked with stones and their cars set on fire.

According to Wikipedia , Countries that practice Sharia Law can elect to have the death penalty for homosexuality .  Nancy Ajram has performed in Qatar , where there is formally a death penalty for Homosexuals.

Tasso Stafilidis said, that although Nancy Ajram does not have any personal problems with the Pride festival , it could be dangerous for her even to be loosly associated with it.

Source – Göteborgs Posten

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