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READ MORE: Google, do not fall for the desperate hatred of EXPRESSEN!

Google, do not fall for the desperate hatred of EXPRESSEN!

Expressen has campaigned ruthlessly against Youtube in recent weeks, under the cover that one wants to counter anti-Semitism. But the real reason is that they want to eliminate competition and dissidents, writes Youtube profile Angry Foreigner in an open letter to Google, published below in its entirety.

By – Angry Foreigner

Hello Google. I run a popular Swedish Youtube channel called Angry Foreigner, and have been active on your website for almost four years.

I really hope you understand that Expressen does not speak for the people. Just check how little people care about their articles on Youtube, 400-700 views max. I get more attention on one of my Facebook posts, and I’m just a little celebrity while Expressen is one of Sweden’s largest newspapers.

Taking business advice from its competitors is a surefire way to go under in business. Google, do not be like mainstream media,, because then you’ll lose audience and revenue just the way they do. If Google starts filtering what can be found through their search engine, it will not be long before other search engines offer uncensored results.

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There is no evidence that your trademark has been damaged. Possibly in the eyes of the journalist on Expressen’s editorial staff, but not among ordinary people. Bonnier has suffered a reduced profit and that is why they attack you. Old media lose both audiences and revenues every year.

Youtube is the future, the mainstream media is not. Youtube is more integrated with human nature of free will and diversity of ideas. That’s what makes Youtube so nice. That you do not preach to others what to think as the mainstream media does.

Ordinary people are your customers, and that’s who you should listen to. Ordinary people want more diversity on the internet. Not less. Nobody is stupid enough to think the ground is flat just because they see a video about flat earth on your platform. And ordinary people are not stupid enough to see Nazis as a threat online, when they only have 11,000 subscribers and basically do not look at them.

I am extremely grateful that you gave me the opportunity to make money expressing myself. Thanks to you I have a great job, and I cannot describe how many hours of entertainment I have received from your platform. There are so many creative people there. I have learned so much, and laughed so hard, you are truly one of the best sites in the world. But if there is one thing thats for sure, creativity is stifled by nervousness.

Be wise enough to understand what makes your platform so special. And do not fall for the desperate hatred that is bring driven from a dying, ancient news magazine.

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