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Gigantic mosque will be built on the historic battlefield in Halmstad

Earlier this year it was clear that the municipality in Halmstad sells land to a new mosque building in the city. But now, history professor Dick Harrison rages because the mosque will be built on a historic Swedish battlefield – one of the most important in our history.

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In March, several media reported that Halmstad municipality sells land of over 7,000 square meters to a mosque building in Halmstad. The decision was made even though the mosque imam made homosexual statements on the internet, where he compared gayxuality with a virus.

Nevertheless, the building plans continued.

“It is impossible for us to weigh in a land sales agreement,” said Henrik Oretorp (C), chairman of the social housing committee, to SVT News Halland in March.

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But now the storm continues around the mosque building.

The land at Fyllebro, where the mosque is to be built, is a very important place in Swedish history.

The battle at Fyllebro 1676 was the decisive battle during the Scandinavian war between Sweden and Denmark. It was where the war turned and made it possible for Sweden to retain the southern parts of the country.

According to history professor Dick Harrison at Lund University, it is historically unreasonable to destroy such a place by forsaking the earth and sabotaging the possibilities for future archaeological investigations.

Later excavations on site have discovered pistol balls, artillery projectiles and a horseshoe belonging to the Swedish cavalry.

Dick Harssion believes that Fyllebro is “one of the most important field battlefields in Swedish history”.

But battlefields are not counted as ancient monuments, which allowed the municipality to proceed with the mosque building.

“Our historylessness makes me feel ashamed of living in Sweden,” said Dick Harrison to Hallandsposten, pointing out that he did not mind mosques in himself.

The municipality receives SEK 1.4 million, SEK 200 per square meter, for the land when they sell to the Islamic Children and Culture Association, SVT has previously reported.

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