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Khadr Abd el-Moty runs the Islamic Council in Berlin. He is the main coordinator of a council of European imams and preachers.

German intelligence Fears Rising Influence of Muslim Brotherhood

There is growing concern in the German intelligence community about the growing influence of the Muslim Brotherhood. The UK is said to be seriously considering designating the organization as a terrorist entity.

By – Clarionproject.org 

With some 2,700 operations across Germany and 40,000 members in just one of those organizations, the heavyweight of the world of political Islam is drawing increased interest from the government.

The level of apprehension about Muslim Brotherhood activities in Germany was summed up by Gordian Meyer-Plath a leading figure in the BfV, the country’s equivalent of the FBI. Back in February 2017 he warned:

“The Muslim Brothers still want to establish Sharia law in Germany.”

He gave an interview in December to Albawabh News in which he said the Brotherhood does not accept notions such as a free, democratic regime, gender equality and freedom of worship.

The Brotherhood makes it clear its agenda is to spread political Islam and the caliphate far and wide.

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The Saxony region of Germany appears to be a particular target for the Brothers, “intensively” so in Dresden, Berne, Meizen, Leipzig, Gorlitz, Bautsen, according to Meyer-Plath. The organization is purchasing properties to build mosques and community centers at a fast rate. Part of the problem is that state organizations failed to provide resources for the massive wave of migrants over the last few years and the Brotherhood stepped into the void.

Since its real entrée to Germany in the ’90s, Albawabh News says the Brotherhood has expanded to include:

  • 30 active societies
  • 511 mosques
  • 1,091 meeting places
  • 2,137 societies

Among the movement’s operations in Germany are:

  • Ruiyah, the largest Brotherhood organization in the country with 40,000 members
  • The Islamic Council in Berlin. It is run by Khadr Abd el-Moty, the main coordinator of a council of European imams and preachers. He is one of senior figures in the international Muslim Brotherhood
  • The Islamic Center of Munich (Google Maps)
    The Islamic Center of Munich. This is the central organization of the Brotherhood in Germany. It runs mosques and community centers across Western Germany. The Center is managed by Ahmad Khalifa, an expert in dawa 
  • Arresalah, the center for teaching Arabic and the Quran, based in Berlin. Under the leadership of Jaafar Abd e-Sala, the center spreads Brotherhood activity around the country and attracts children of immigrants via Arabic-language centers
  • The main women’s organization run from Bonn by Rashida Anaqzi, the head of the women’s division of the European association of Islamic organizations
  • The High Council of Muslim youth, run from Munich, is totally controlled by the Brotherhood.
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