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French special forces detained in Syria

The Syrian military detained a motorcade of 20 vehicles, which included approximately 60 French military personnel travelling with sniper equipment and thermal imagers. There are no official confirmations of the incident at the moment.

By – Brünnhilde 

According to a report by the Telegram-channel WarGonzo, the Syrian army has detained a group of French special forces in the province of Hasaka,

The detention took place at one of the checkpoints of the Syrian military. The French army was represented by a cortege of 20 cars and 60 military personnel and instructors. They were on their way to the city of El-Kamyshly on the border with Turkey, accompanied by Kurds from the group “Democratic forces of Syria”.

However, at some point the escorts left the motorcade for an unknown reason, and the French continued on their own. They drove along following the signs, but eventually got lost and arrived directly to the SAA checkpoint.

The Syrian military searched the French group. In their cars, they discovered sniper equipment, thermal imagers and other specific military tools. According to the French, their ultimate detination was Deir-es-Zor.

A few hours after the detention and search of their partners, the Kurds ,who had accompanied them earlier, arrived at the checkpoint. They entered into negotiations with the Syrian army.

“As a result of extremely tense negotiations between the DSS and the SAA, the French were eventually released. They were rescued by the circumstance that, at the moment, the opposition Assad DSS are in the regime of allied relations with the SAA,” the material reports.

According to the channel, this indicates the beginning of the French deployment in Syria. Therefore this can be seen as confirmation of the statement by US President Donald Trump about the possibility of France joining a ground operation in the region.

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