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French police investigate Muslim gang rape videos aired on Snapchat

French police investigate Muslim gang rape video aired on Snapchat

A video showing what appears to be a rape circulated on Tuesday 18 on the social networks and in particular on Snapchat. Many of the reporting, have been made to the national Police, and called, therefore, not to share it.

By – Heinrich 

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The sexual assault alleged would have occurred in the vicinity of a nightclub in the Toulouse region. The authorities have called on internet users not to relay.“Many of you report videos with sex acts, non-consensual, which would have occurred in the region of toulouse. The relevant departments have been seized. Thank you to all not to relay these videos”.

The case has been forwarded to the Pharos (Platform for the Harmonization, Analysis, Cross-referencing and Orientation of the Reports) charged to study this type of content in order to allow the investigators to find the perpetrator or perpetrators.

On social networks, the case has turned to hunting man. The rumors about the origins of the video or even the denunciation of the alleged perpetrators have flourished, but without a credible source. It should therefore be taken with extreme precautions.

On Twitter, some did not hesitate to publish the photos, saying that it is a portrait of the perpetrators. Of the serious charges that are accompanied by no explanation and which therefore must not be relayed unconsciously, at the risk of being self-same continued.

Some argue that this is due to a release of the blogger controversial Bassem Braïki that the video of the rape has become viral.

This type of behavior now appears on a regular basis when images of physical or sexual violence are disseminated online. But if the report content to the police is a citizen action, defamation, or incitement to murder, even second degree, are crimes.

Remember: it’s not the video the problem, it’s the facts it shows and the racial identity of their authors.


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