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Freedom of speech under attack from the left-wing establishment as Swedish Journalist Probed for ‘Hate Speech’ Over Sharia Cartoons

Freedom of speech under attack from the left-wing establishment as Swedish Journalist Probed for ‘Hate Speech’ Over Sharia Cartoons

Jan Sjunnesson, a social critical debater, was brought to the police last week for interrogation. His “suspected crime” was that he shared the above picture with the headline “Two exciting book titles for the next fair”.

By – Brünnhilde

According to the prosecutor, this was sufficient enough to be convicted of committing “hate against the people”.

This HMF law has increasingly been used by mainly left-wing groups as a means of quenching or silencing socially critical and influential voices. The so-called “Network Surveyor” systematically massacres masses of people whose views are not shared by them, several of them being arrested and later convicted by prosecutors.

Sjunnesson’s case is a good clarification of how crazy this practice is. In this case, the prosecutor and, consequently, the country’s hard-pressed judiciary, choose to allocate considerable and precious time to a number of people to investigate a completely innocent satirical picture of how some countries in the world unfortunately practice their legislation.

The prosecutor believes that this constitutes “reasonable suspicion of hatred against people” due to his apparent “misconduct against people with national or ethnic origin, and / or creed by posting a post / image on your own facebook profile …”.

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So now in Sweden in the year 2018 it is now a suspected crime on the social media to post pictures (!) of books (!) of which the cover and headline is satire (“) on terrible phenomena in other countries? This picture is so awful in today’s Sweden in 2018, that it requires the involvement of a prosecutor, a police officer and perhaps many more people in the future, the use of many significant resources to investigate and potentially prosecute?

Clearer examples of an orchestral 1984 society are hardly available. This is not the first or last time, but undoubtedly a very clear example.

What we should be seeing, which should worry everyone, including left-wingers, is how the state and the capital merge, especially but not exclusively, with the big companies of Facebook and Google, to quarrel opposition forces, opinions or news communications.

This is done by removing Youtube (Gmail) and Gmail accounts (in the case of Roger Sahlström), censoring search results on Google, changing the print and expression laws, disabling people’s advertising revenue (community news). Facebook itself has said that they will make it harder for some people to be seen in the general newsfeed or to be able to make money on their posts.

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And the HMF Act is another example.

What we see is an invading “perfect storm” where the establishment hits all fronts; prosecuting and convicting people for breach of opinion, striving to hurt their finances, preventing people from having the opportunity to read what they write about themselves, and limit individuals’ ability to find their own information.

Sjunnesson’s example is the latest in the line of such examples, but an extremely serious one.

Freedom of expression is under attack and criticism about immigration and alternative media are the victims. It shows that they supposedly “good” as they claim to be in the left liberal establishment, however they are more totalitarian. The word democracy has never been more relevant.

That Sweden would be the country that best fits in 1984 would surely surprise Orwell – or perhaps not …
Source: Kent Ekeroth
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