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Four Eritrean men gang raped a mentally impaired woman

Hässelby Sweden: Four Eritrean men gang raped a mentally impaired woman

On May 5-6 in Bromma, northwestern Stockholm, 4 Eritreans , aged between 17 – 20 raped a young mentally disordered woman.. The rape is regarded as a gross violation by the prosecution, partly because it was carried out jointly by the four Eritreans and partly due to the woman’s “developmental disorder”.

By – Elodie Lewis

The prosecutor has applied for deportation. Their Defence Team According to the District Court, said it was not proven that the Eritreans understood that the woman had a developmental disorder.

The Prosecution team said that the people who know her feel that she is at the same level as a 5-6 year old child reports Essen. The Court heard one of the men met the woman at the T-center.

After a chat they took the subway together to Hässelby. They got off at Abrahamsberg’s station and went to an apartment where two of the other men were. After a while, the fourth man came in too.

According to the defence team the woman told the four men to hold her down by her arms and legs and begged the men to rape her. All men denied the crimes .

Two admitted intercourse but said it was voluntary. The third man’s sperm was found in the women’s panties. with the Fourth man , there was no technical evidence or recognition found.

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At the medical examination, the woman was found to have eight bruises on her leg and two on her arm wich they said happened when the men held the woman down and raped her , but the prosecution said they could have arisen on other occasions and that the violence was not forced.

The District Court agreed that the woman found herself in a particularly vulnerable situation due to her disability, The Defence team continued to insist the men were not aware of her mental disability.

At the Court case , two of the prosecution team said that the fact that one of the men ‘ hung out and talked with the woman’ before getting to his apartment meant that he understood that she was mentally impaired, and the other men at the apartment would have realized that she was mentally impaired also once they met her .

When the board of judges came to make their decision – 2 of the board members agreed with the prosecutions wish to deport the Eritrean speech and 2 board members were not in favor of deportation.

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