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Five Muslim immigrants prosecuted for Fittja’s Gang Rape

Five men are charged with the famed Gang Rape in Fittja in the autumn of 2016, Another 20 men watched as the rape went on. Three of the accused prosecutors for Gang Rape and two for help. All defendants are Muslim immigrants.

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The rape lasted for several hours in Botkyrka municipality, according to the victim. It happened in August 2016 that a 30-year-old woman at Fittja center in Botkyrka municipality joined a group of migrants to another public place. There she was attacked by a larger number of men and was subjected to “very serious Gang Rape”.

“This is a terrible rape that led to a very difficult torture-like trauma to my client. This is one of the hardest rape cases I encountered during my 26 years of operation,” wrote the woman’s victim attorney, lawyer Elisabeth Massi Fritz, in an email to the newspaper Metro in September.

The police secured technical evidence and when the National Center for Analysis results were available, several suspected offenders called in, but far from everyone was identified. The victim stated that 20 people participated in the gang rape.

Five of the perpetrators are charged, Are between 19 and 29 years old. At the time of the crime, one of them was only 17 years old.

Five of the suspects of the gang rape:

Man, 21 years old:

Formerly convicted of theft and drug offense.

Male, 24 years old:

Earlier convicted of, among other things, threats to officials, drug smuggling, human rights and sexual exploitation of children.

Man, 18 years old:

Formerly convicted of abuse, violent opposition and attempted violence against civil servants.

Man, 19 years old:

Formerly convicted of theft and drug offenses

Male, 22 years old:

Formerly convicted of drug abuse, robbery, illegal driving and attempted gross fraud.

Map of all group violence in Sweden with rulings from 2011 onwards.

Three prosecutors for Gang Rape and two for help. The prosecutors promoted the actions by  laughing and filming parts on mobile phone the rape. However.

The details reveals how the brutal rape went on.

Among other things, it’s described that several of the men as well as further unknown offenders brought in the victim into a stairwell and forced her to sexual intercourse and corresponding sexual acts.

“The compulsion consisted in the victim’s arrest that she was pulled by her hair, her head was dunked against a staircase so she lost consciousness, her clothes wiped off, she struck and kicked and that a knife was on her face at the same time as she was told to be silent. The rape has caused pain, blood whiteness, tenderness, swelling, skin discoloration and skin scrape, “the prosecutor writes.

As evidence, the prosecutor has oral pronouncements from the woman, as well as evidence from residents in the area. There are also sperm and DNA from suspected offenders, as well as legal certificates and photographs by the victim.

The prosecutor believes that the crime should be judged to be gross because the rape was particularly serious, when several people arrested the victim and participated in the assault and when the offenders showed “special ruthlessness and cruelty” with regard to the approach.

The perpetrators come from Iraq and Somalia. One of them states that his country has “ceased” to exist. That person seems to come from the Balkans.

November 29, 2017

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