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Finnish Professor: Sweden is a major threat to Finland than Russia

Due to the great Muslim immigration to Sweden, Sweden can pose a greater threat to Finland than Russia. Paul Lillrank, professor at the Department of Production Economics at Aalto University, writes in HBL.

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Earlier, he saw Putin and Russia as the biggest security risk to Finland. Now Professor Paul Lillrank has changed. Sweden is probably a bigger threat, he thinks.

The reason is the Muslim mass immigration.

According to Lillrank, Sweden has proportionally received more immigrants than any other OECD country. Additionally, the worst is the integration of them.

Paul Lillrank believes Sweden is turning into an insecure parallel society with an ethnic subclass. Multiculturalism starts conflicts, and politicians in Sweden have had a great deal of humor, he says. The labor market is not adapted to low-skilled asylum immigrants, something Swedish politicians do not want to understand. When resources are not enough to maintain the Swedish welfare state, the authorities say they do not understand why.

Swedish municipalities are so bad at managing returning IS terrorists that they choose to “love bomb” them with financial contributions and priority in the country’s housing queue, the professor points out.

“There is a real risk that Sweden will turn into a failed state with ghettons where Swedish law no longer applies and the police have no control over the situation. Democracy is out of play when the authorities violate the migration law and the police are looking through the fingers of illegal immigrants. It is unthinkable that Sweden becomes a greater security risk to Finland than Russia, “Paul Lillrank writes in HBL.

According to Paul Lillrank, the Swedish political elite stands out to be a moral superpower, but in reality it is increasingly resembling a collection of fools with the same “self-destructive madness” that Karl XII exhibited in his last years as a Swedish king, he writes.

The Norwegians and Danes, who have spoken about border controls against Sweden, have already realized the serious threat from neighboring countries. Paul Lillrank believes that Finns must understand the same thing.

Lillrank says he wishes that there could be some calming reading about Sweden, but it does not exist..

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