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Finnish primary school sex education book

Finnish primary school sex education book

Traditional Britain Group, a British ultra-conservative organization, has expressed outrage over a “Finnish primary school sex education book” allegedly being distributed by a Finnish youth group, Hivpoint. The organisation shared an image on their social media network along with a text description of the brochure, which was taken from the “Just Wear It in Sex” Finnish brochure.

By – Brünnhilde

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The distribution of a visible brochure page on the social network site Facebook contains two images: one with white red-haired woman getting ready to have sex with a cap-headed dark-skinned man, and the second image depicting sex between two blue-haired white man.

On Sunday, the shared update by the British conservaties was posted on Tuesday – by that evening, more than two hundred reactions had occured, specifically anger reactions and crying faces.

There have also been a huge number of comments. The main complaint accuses the material of being “perverted propaganda” and blames the liberals for “being cancerous to society”.

“Mannerheim definitely thinks that this is the reason he fought,” one commentator writes with the sad smile emoticon, referring to Finland’s famous military leader responsible for the country’s independence.

“Horrible and shameful,” writes another commentator.

The Traditional Britain Group reports on its website that, after World War II, Britain has become the target of serious attacks on the country’s culture, heritage and constitution. According to the ultra-conservative organization, political correctness and forced multiculturalism have “sapped the rich nation”.

“There is a still a chance for Britain. Opposition begins now!” writes the organization on its website.

Hivpoint, the Finnish HIV Foundation, is represented by Young Worker Designer Maria Oinonen, who explains that sexual education will sometimes inevitably attract criticism and claims that the pictures show diversity.

“In Finland, for example, there may be religious sects that are in line with traditional thinking. Sexual education is often misunderstood as sex education. It is not this at all, but instead a chance to provide information that enables young people to make their own decisions about their sex life.”

Oinonen claims that the foundation has recieved good feedback from both organizations, teachers, youth-mentors and the young people themselves. The brochure also includes a defence in the aftermath of the Traditional Britain Group’s facebook update. In addition to the feverish reactions and tears that the images have gathered, there are also dozens of likes in the update – mostly with Finnish names.

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Many Finns have taken a part in the facebook update to embarrass the conservative British group, which resulted in their post being spread across Finland in social media.

Some commentators expressed confusion over what exactly was wrong with the pictures of the Hivpoint brochure, stating that, at least in the sexual education, there was no discrimination on gender or sexual orientation.

“We wanted images to celebrate the diversity of people in relationships and sex. It is supposed to overwhelm traditional sexual education material and engage in the spirit of our time. The data from many studies and school health surveys is still based on very heteronormative and interpersonal thinking,” Oinonen explains.

According to Maria Oinonen, the main purpose of the brochure is to inform the public of infections and diseases that can occur as a result of sexual relations and more importantly, how can they be prevented.

“We often receive questions from young people about sex counseling – what is the meaning of something and what to do in different sex situations. Young people are looking for information for different situations. It is better that they get reliable information from the source, rather than looking for the same thing through pornography or other means.”

Oinonen also corrects the Traditional Britain Group’s erroneous information that it is a sex textbook for “elementary” school children .

“It is intended for the ages when sex education is provided in Finnish schools . The matter is mainly dealt with in the seventh, eighth and ninth grade in upper secondary school . Of course, age is not limited . If interest begins earlier, as many start, we really need to know,” she explains.
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