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Finnish landlords deny Arab men

Men with Arabic names are having difficulty in private rental housing market in Finland, according to a study. Of the requests signed with an Arab male name, 16 percent answered, while the requests signed with a Finnish female name were answered by 42 percent of the landlords.


In the study from the Turku Academy, in 2016, a total of 1,459 requests were sent to advertised rental housing throughout Finland.

The requests were made by e-mail and were signed with different names and the percentage of responses received was compared between the different groups in the study: women and men with Arabic names, Finnish-speaking names, and Swedish-language names.

The results of the comparisons show that men with Arabic names get fewer answers than any of the other groups. Some other differences between these six groups could not be statistically ensured.

As a consequence, men generally received fewer answers than women, and that people with Arabic names overall received fewer answers than people with Finnish / Swedish names. Thus, if you expect Arab men, there were no statistically relevant differences between the groups. The landlord’s sex had no impact on the results.

The study, published in the international scientific journal PLoS ONE, is the first of its kind in the private housing market in Finland.

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