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Finnish girls make up 80% of victims of MUSLIM immigrants' rape crimes - and 50% are under 18

Finnish girls make up 80% of victims of MUSLIM immigrants’ rape crimes – and 50% are under 18

The Police College published a survey yesterday showing there were 1565 criminal records registered in 2016 in which the suspect or victim had been an refugees. 

By – Brünnhilde

Kidnappings and hotel damage were particularly common crimes among refugees, followed closely by property crime and sexual violence, including sexual assault against children.

In cases of sexual crimes, 8 out of 10 were committed against Finnish women and almost half of the abuse was committed against girls under the age of 18. A total of 131 Finnish citizens became victims of refugees sexual abuse in 2016. The investigation also found several cases where female refugees were raped and continue to be vulnerable to sex attacks by male refugees in refugee camps. 9 out of 10 victims of refugees sexual violence were women or girls.

Rape was found to be the most common sex offense and sexual assaults taking place in a public place were found to be the most common crime scene location.

Rape was by far the most common crime committed by refugees, with the survey indicating that 32% of the crimes was sexual violence and attacks. Group violence and sexual harassment were the next most common, each making up for 16% each, 14% for sexual exploitation and 11% for sexual offenses against children.

The survey seemed to indicate that refugees were not afraid to sexually attack their victims in public. 3 out of 5 sexual assault committed by refugees occurred in public places, 1 in 5 in private homes, 1 in 10 at refugee camp and 1 in 4 in unknown places.

108 out of 116 suspects of sexual offenses came from Islamic countries.

2 out of 3 sexual abuse occurred during the night and on the weekend. Iraqis were suspected of two thirds of sexual offenses, and all of the suspected refugees came from either Iraq, Afghanistan, Morocco, Iran, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Somalia or Syria.

The investigation warned that the victims of refugees’ sexual offenses were often underage girls seeking men to access tobacco and drugs.

3 out of 4 crimes between refugees and Finnish citizens took place in public places. According to the survey, refugees committed at least one crime between 5:00 and 10:00. Thereafter, crime progressed throughout the day, with a sharp fall around 16:00, which recovered immediately after dinner was completed at 17:00. Between 19:00 and 20:00 was the most intensive hour for crime, according to the investigation .

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A total of 1052 refugees were suspected of crimes in 2016 and virtually all were men, who together represented 29 nations from the Arab world. Two thirds were Iraqis (62%) and the age of the suspects was evenly distributed. refugees from Afghanistan were suspected in a tenth of the crimes. About a third of the crime cases reported abuse and threats between immigrants. Approximately half of all victims were Iraqis and a quarter were citizens of Finland.

According to the Police College, the violence among refugees seekers is due to the critical fact that they are bringing their religious and cultural disputes to Finland and the conflict is continuing. Another reason, according to the survey, is that immigrants express their anger over their living conditions in Finland in refugee facilities and towards the staff working there. 65-80% of refugees in Finland are men according to the survey, which indicates that 95% of refugees suspected of crimes were men.

The survey also compares the percentage of refugees who commit crimes on the basis of their country of origin. Algerians are found to be highly over represented as suspected offenders compared to their fellow Arab nationals.

In 2016, every fifth refugees from Algeria was arrested on suspicion of crimes.

In the same year, the other percentage of refugees include 16% of Belarusians, 13% of Moroccans and less than 10% of other nationalities. Among Iraqi refugees, 3% were suspected of crimes in 2016.

This investigation by the Police College is the first of its kind in Finland. It is important to note that police cases in connection with the bureaucracy of the asylum process have not been included in the statistics.
The University recommends that reporting of criminal activity involving refugees be conducted on an annual basis.

Source :Ålands Nyheter

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