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Minister of Finance Petteri Orpo promises extra million for Finland's security.

Finland will deprive terrorists of their citizenship

The Finnish government will revise the country’s terrorist law and, among other things, deprive terrorists of their citizenship. Additionally, it is illegal to hide illegal immigrants, reports Hufvudstadsbladet.


The Finnish Government now clarifies that the legislation should be amended so that double-national terrorists lose their Finnish citizenship.

According to Hufvudstadsbladet, the decision is a direct response to the Islamist Terror attack in Turku a few weeks ago, where a Moroccan immigrant who rejected his asylum application seamlessly slammed several people.

In addition, Minister of Finance Petteri Orpo promises 17 million euros to increase security in Finland, of which 12 million will go to the Finnish police and the Protection Police.

“We want to expel all those convicted of terrorist offenses. It is clear that we can not completely prevent violent crime in an open society, but we do what we can to ensure security and prevent terrorist attacks, “said Simo Elo, President of the Blue Parliament Group, to Hufvudstadsbladet.

According to the government, it is also possible to take so-called risk groups in custody. Simo Elo believes that persons who have been refused their asylum application should be “threatened” and if the person poses a risk be detained.

The Aliens Act and the Citizenship Act shall now be based on a “national security interest”, which means that residence permits can be canceled, a ban on entry can be issued, citizenship resumed and refugee status inhibited. According to Simo Elo, all this is necessary to ensure Finnish security.

The government also wants to make it punishable to hide illegal immigrants in Finland. That question, however, is more sensitive and is expected to meet on resistance in the Riksdag.

Left-wing groups in Finland have demanded that the country raise the refugee quota from the present 750, but after the bloody terror council, the government has decided to leave it at the same level. The asylum worms argue that Norway’s refugee quota is 3.120 and Sweden’s entire 5,000.

Legislation to eradicate terrorists’ passports and to remove their citizenship complies with international law, if individuals have dual citizenship, and already exist in, for example, Britain.

But in Sweden, the government refuses to do the same.

“We can not make people stateless!”, Sweden’s Interior and Justice Minister Morgan Johansson (S) told SvD earlier this August.

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