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Fear in Sweden: Muslim Immigrants Behind Burning down forests

Fear in Sweden: Muslim Immigrants Behind Burning down forests

On 18 May, three immigrants purposely lit a fire in the woods near Lake Trehörningen, according to the fishing company Å-fiske in Eskilstuna. According to the association, the fire was an act of revenge from three people with immigrant backgrounds who were told they were not allowed to fish in the lake owned by the association.

By – Brünnhilde

After an update was posted on fishing association’s Facebook page, the company was exposed to accusations of racism from the local newspaper. Now the economy of the fishing association is at stake because Eskilstuna municipality is threatening punishment. Subsequently, the post was removed by Facebook.

On 19 May the fishing association in Eskilstuna went to their Facebook page to tell their supporters of a crime that took place at the association’s lake near Eskilstuna the day before. According to the now deleted post, three immigrants came to the lake, which at the time, was being hired out to a company. The men demanded to fish and when they were denied, they stole toilet paper from the outside of the association and lit a fire next to the parking lot. In the same post, images were published showing the fire along with the description:

“Misery is today’s mood! Yesterday our wilderness lake Trehörningen was rented to a company for a personal activity on Friday, May 18, with sole rights for fishing and a stay at the lake. Even so, at 19:30 there were 3 immigrants aged 20-25, demanding to fish even though the lake was closed due to fishing licenses! After a confrontation, they finally left the area, but on the way back to the parking lot, under the eyes of our visitors, they unraveled a dry mass of toilet paper that was ringed along the ladder towards the parking lot.

Shortly after the timber bridge, the totally brain dead act of stupidity, these brain-worm vomit, has resulted in the ladder burning and ended today with a creation of a completed forest fire in the area next to the ladder. An area of ​​about 100 × 200 meters burned intensively last night and several efforts were required from both volunteers and the rescue service! Even today, monitoring is required 24 hours a day and for at least 2 weeks more!”

“What is wrong with some so-called citizens in our country? Lethal is a slight expression! These type of brainwashed creatures usually brag about their bravades, so if anyone who hears something about yesterday’s night’s forest fires in the area around the parking lot to Trehörningen, we are very interested in taking note of observations and other information. Call Anders and thanks for your participation!”

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When Societnytt was able to reach the author behind the post, he confirmed that the fire could have ended very badly:

“It’s because people were able to be reached quickly in town, the fire was able to be contained. Otherwise, it could have led to devastating consequences for the forests, for the real estate nearby and also for our 25 customers who were at risk of being blocked,” he explained.

After this comment, he refused to say anything further, referring to the fact that he has already said “too much”.

The association’s representative is referring to an article in the local Eskilstuna Courier entitled “The association of Å-fiske’s attack on immigrants after the fire: “Brain-worn vomit” was published on 29 May. The article accuses the fishing association of racism and also informs readers that the newspaper ahs ended all cooperation with the fishing association.

When Social News calls the newspaper’s editor-in-chief and lead publisher Eva Burman, she confirms that the Eskilstuna Courier has withdrawn from the collaboration with the association. She states that the decision was taken by the CEO of the newspaper but included her view of the post in her reply:

“It contained generalizing reviews of people of different origins. I know they receive contributions from the municipality and other social institutions, and it goes against fundamental values,” she said.

However, she does not want to specify what exactly in the post she means was generalizing.

According to Burman, Facebook removed the association’s post just after the publication of the newspaper:

“I do not know if it was due to the reactions and notifications or anything else,” Burman stated.

However, she denies that the newspaper has some cooperation with Facebook.

According to the association itself, Eskilstuna municipality, which is a significant financier of the association, was also involved. The post will be addressed at a special meeting with the municipality.

At the same time, the police apparently seem to still be in the dark about those suspected of having instigated the fire. A police report has been made, but they have reportedly not even spoken yet to Å-fiske:

“I have not even received a copy of the report,” the association’s representative told us.
Source – samnytt.se
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