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Facebook closed account of imam accused of Islamophobia – Extreme Muslims are welcomed

AUSTRALIA Facebook has decided to turn off Australia-based Imam Mohammad Tawhidi since this accused of spreading Islamophobic hatred. The reason is that he urged the authorities to expel radical Muslim leaders and say no to halal slaughter.

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An imam who is Islamophobic. It is possible?

It seems to be the assessment Facebook made by Mohammad Tawhidi, an Iranian born imam with Iraqi roots who now live and work in Australia.

Tawhidi is perhaps the most famous imam in the country, has tens of thousands of followers on Twitter and is often seen and heard in the media. The reason is that he has made several controversial statements about his own religion.

Among other things, the 35-year-old Imam wants radical Muslim leaders to be expelled from Australia, to stop Muslim schools, to ban comprehensive veilages, to halalize the crime and to limit the construction of mosques. He even wants to stop Muslim immigration to the country.

– This is Australia, it’s like this. If you like the country, it’s good. But if you do not like it then we can give you a kangaroo so you can jump back to the country you come from, he said in a speech recently.

That and similar statements of the same character pave the way for more radical supporters of Islam. Tawhidi is accused of other Muslims to be a takfiri, ie a Muslim accusing other Muslims of being foolish.

In social media, radical Muslims have therefore launched a mass-reporting campaign against Mohammad Tawhidi – and succeeded. Facebook closed yesterday by the 35-year-old Imam’s account on the grounds that he is engaged in spreading hatred.

In social media there are now many extreme Muslims who cheering on the victory against the outgoing imam. A Muslim woman in Sydney accuses Imam Tawhidi and his supporters of being “dirt”.

Mohammad Tawhidi says himself that he wants to join and reform Islam and that Facebook, through his actions, puts his feet in the wheel for it.

“To silence me means helping the radicals. They celebrate. Shame! “He tweaks.

Facebook has recently stepped up the fight against social media pages and groups that can be considered politically controversial or sensitive.


– My dad made the decision, and he was imam himself and is still there. He made the decision to come to Australia because it is a non-Muslim country.

“If we had known that, 30 years later, we saw lots of burrows running around, mosques built in every street corner, and that people would preach sharia law in violation of democracy in this country, then we would never have moved here.

“I think the whole religion needs a review. I think there are some books that need to be banned in this country. There are books that are considered to be the most important one after the Qur’an. All ordinary Muslims believe in this book. Bukharin, a very famous book. It is in at least a majority of all Muslim homes. Least. It is everywhere. It is on the bookshelf next to the Quran. Every terrorist act is taught in that book, although it is available everywhere, it is sold and published in Australia.

“I do not understand how Muslims can believe radical Muslims are the main problem here, how they can think that if you blow yourself, you can have lunch with the prophet Muhammad in heaven. I did not know my prophet has a restaurant up there? I actually did not know that. And there are other appealing statements that say you get 72 virgins. What’s wrong with virginity that requires me to blow herself for her?

“I also oppose the construction of mosques. That’s a big problem. Changing this country is something I am against. You can have a mosque in Adelaide, the oldest mosque, then you can have a center. One can have a training center. You can hire university rooms, municipal premises. There is no need to build mosques which will later be led by radical Muslim leaders.

“I know there are politicians who recently said they are very strong against Islam. They want to say to people that Islam is a very dangerous religion. Why do they say that? I’m not going to say to these politicians because I know exactly what crap there is in my religion. I just know what’s going on, so I do not intend to say to them. I am against generalizing because there are good Muslims, but I agree with the main message.

– This will cause trouble for me, I have never said it before, but Palestine is the land of the Jews. I mean, come on, who does not know? Jesus came to Jerusalem. He came to the Israelis who were there. It is a Jewish country.

“It’s high time for women politicians to stop wearing veil when visiting Muslim countries. I know to respect other people, but if you are foreign minister, then you are foreign minister with uniform and tray. If they do not respect you as a woman to come and wear the clothes you want, then it’s a country whose embassy we do not want. We do not want anything to do with countries that do not respect our foreign ministers, no matter which country they are.

– This is Australia, it’s like this. If you like the country, it’s good. But if you do not like it then we can give you a kangaroo so you can jump back to the country you come from.

“Stormuftin, who is elected our 20-year-old representative, has not yet spoken and said in English that” I condemn terrorism “. It is true that he supports condemnations of IS, but the problem is that Australia needs to take a stand against IS. The Muslim community here needs to take a stand against IS, not someone in the United States, and we give them thumbs up and say, “Well done!” No, we have to take a stand against IS, because we are worth it. We deserve a Muslim community that takes a stand against terrorism, because there is a thin dividing line between being a hypocrite and not being. If you do not hypocrite, speak out!

– How do you reform an ideology? First of all, the government must realize that the books taught in Muslim schools and on the shelves of mosques need to be removed, opened, displayed to the publisher and then sent back where they came from. As simple as that. We do not need to burn something, we do not need any contradictions. Just gather the books and say thank you but no thanks. This is the first thing that needs to be done. Secondly, the security service needs to monitor what each religious leader does. The predictions, if they are in Arabic, what do they say? The examples they use do they have private lessons? The money on their bank accounts. Do they have more wives? It is very important, many people do not realize that Muslims in this country have more than one wife.

“We must agree on one thing: Either we follow the laws of this country, or we will not. If we do, then it’s a wife that applies. If we do not, go back to the country you came from and have how many wives you want.

“In Australia, where there is freedom of expression and democracy, many Muslims who do not like it feel safe to talk about extremism in their own country. And when I say they’re afraid, I do not mean they’re afraid to be fired, they’re afraid of death. I myself have been close to suffering and God has saved me several times.

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