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EU & Spain complicit in Europe's new migration catastrophe

EU & Spain complicit in Europe’s new migration catastrophe

An explosive investigation by Westmonster has exposed how the Spanish Government is complicit in Europe’s new migration crisis on its southern border.

By – Westmonster

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Spain has become the number one destination for migrants coming into Europe in 2018, overtaking Italy and Greece after it elected a socialist Government who has relaxed Spanish border policy.

This year Spain has taken in over 34,000 migrants compared to just 20,000 in both Italy and Greece, according to the UN Refugee Agency, this is over 4,000 more migrants entering Spain than in the entirety of 2017.

Ceuta is a Spanish enclave in Morocco where almost 2,000 migrants have entered the small city this year.

Westmonster visited Ceuta and spoke to local politicians from a new anti-mass migration party in Spain called Vox.

One Vox member who works in the local Port, Juan Manuel Aguiar Moreno, explained the tactics used by migrants as they use “corrosive liquids, box with excrement inside to throw to the police, flamethrowers”.

He continued: “the police have direct orders from the Government, please don’t use the violence if anyone jumps no problem you only try to catch… but if you are receiving attack a direct attack… you need to use minimum defence to your life.”

Local Vox representative in the city, Carlos Vardejo told us: “all the migrants that tried to go to Europe crossing the sea to Italy, now in Italy they have Salvini, they have closed the door to illegal immigration and all these migrants now try to cross the sea and go to Spain.”

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Vardejo blamed both the EU and Spain’s Government for not taking up their “responsibility” to protect Europe’s borders.

Taking the same route as the migrants trying to enter Europe, Westmonster found evidence of migrant camps around the Moroccan coast and investigated the beaches where migrants take boats to land on Spanish shores.

In recent weeks tourists have recorded dozens of migrants landing on beaches on the Spanish coast in broad daylight.

A local member of the Civil Guard in Algercias approached Westmonster, and claimed the Spanish Government has been working with human traffickers to smuggle migrants from the Moroccan coast, “they aren’t taking the people from the middle of the sea, they are going to the Moroccan waters because the migrants take their phones and put their coordinates to Tarifan [human] traffickers.

“Then Tarifan traffickers call to the people of Salvamento Maritimo [Spanish Search and Rescue] and they go over there to the Moroccan seas.”

Westmonster approached both the Spanish Government and centre-right People’s Party for an interview, however, both declined the opportunity.

Vox representative, Vice-Secretary of Territorial Implementation Salud Anguita, said her party wanted to control immigration “we need to decide who is going to come in and who is not going to come in, depending on the levels and the capacity of integration in this country, with our habits, with our culture, with our principles and with our style of life they have to respect that.”

However, Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell, declared last month it is “not mass migration” and that “Europe’s demographic evolution shows that unless we want to gradually turn into an ageing continent, we need new blood.”

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