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Over 1 million kronor Donations After Kickstarter Ban on Swedish ‘Rape Book’

Over 1 million kronor Donations After Kickstarter Ban on Swedish ‘Rape Book’

Ann Heberlein’s (M) collection of a book on rape statistics was stopped by the company kickstart last week. Now the author and debater has received a million kronor in private donations, and her forthcoming book “Rape and Culture” is scheduled to be released during the Almedal Week this summer.

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The collection of the Kickstarter book – a grassroots financing site – attracted great attention last week when the company chose to stop it.

Then Ann Heberlein had received $ 161,000 into “Rape and Culture”, a book to investigate if there is an “overrepresentation of men originating in North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia in the case of sexual offenses” committed between 2012 and 2017.

However, according to the site, the project broke against their terms of use and the collection was stopped.

– I immediately decided to start a campaign on my own, and shared tasks with Swish and a social security bank account. I gathered a lot of money in a very short time, yesterday I broke the million, says Ann Heberlein to the Cultural News.

Employing statistics

The response was great. Ann Heberlein has not yet calculated the exact amount of people who donated money, but says that it is about 5000 people. According to documentation that the Cultural News has taken part, the total donations amount to just over one million.

“It’s gratifying, my mobile has plunged constantly. Most of them come from pre-orders of the book of SEK 300, but seven-eight people have donated $ 10,000 each.

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“I do not think I had received so much through the Kickstarter campaign, many have perceived it as an attempt to silence me as an attack on freedom of expression.

Heberlein, who is currently a doctor of ethics and candidate for the Moderates, will now hire a statistician, a lawyer and a criminologist to complete the book.

– It’s complicated, and all numbers must be correct. I have names ready to work with, but I do not want to go out with any names, “says Ann Heberlein.

“I do not want people to be smashed before work is done.

Was considered discriminatory

Kickstarter has not postponed an interview with the Cultural News, but writes in an email that the original collection was stopped after a user reported it as offensive.

“Our integrity team reviewed the campaign and estimated that it promoted a proverbial agenda on migration issues. It thus violates our rules by promoting discrimination and intolerance against marginalized groups, “announces the site through its communications department.

“Rape and Culture” will be released in connection with the Almedal Week this summer.

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