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Denmark immigration Minister Inger Støjberg shares the screen of Muhammad after Museum didn’t exhibit them

Immigration Minister Inger Støjberg (V) awakening the debate about the Skovgaard Museum in Viborg, who will not use the Muhammad drawings in a new exhibition about blasphemy.


In an update on Facebook , Inger Støjberg writes that Kurt Westergaard’s Muhammad drawings have enormous significance for our self-understanding and for Denmark’s struggle to create democracy around the world.

For TV 2, the Foreign Minister says that the museum is in its right not to show the Muhammad drawings. However, she believes they belong to an exhibition about blasphemy.

“- I think it’s a shame they do not participate. And I obviously think that Kurt Westergaard’s drawing would have been very good to bring because it has had such a big impact on our self-understanding”

Sharing picture of Muhammad by bomb

In his Facebook update, the Immigration Minister has also attached a screen shot from her iPad, where it is seen that the minister himself uses Kurt Westergaard’s disputed drawing of the Prophet Muhammad with a bomb in the turban as a background image.

According to Inger Støjberg, it is about freedom of speech and love for Denmark.

– It’s no secret that I’ve had this drawing for a long time as a background screen. And I think it is also natural to show it in connection with this discussion, says Inger Støjberg, who has not discussed the image from his background screen with the government.

Blamed for hypocrisy

The exhibition ‘Billedstorm’ opens at the Skovgaard Museum on Friday. Here, visitors will see a cross with Jesus immersed in urine.

The purpose is to show how blasphemy has provoked and scared the audience since the reformation, but such an exhibition is hypocritical when the museum declines to show the disputed Muhammad drawings. Such is the attitude of the Danish People’s Party’s cultural rapporteur, Alex Ahrendtsen.

– They want to bump Christians, but they do not want to bump into Muslims. I do not like that. Either do you encounter anyone, or you do not encounter anyone, he says to TV 2.

Museum leader Anne-Mette Willumsen rejects hypocrisy and self-censorship. She explains the rejection of the Muhammad drawings that they are polarizing and that they will focus on everything else in the exhibition.

Inger Støjber believes that the Muhammad drawings have already removed the focus and that they should have been involved. At SF, cultural leader Jacob Mark says that the Skovgaard Museum has chosen the easy way.

“I think you should be able to show and talk about those things. Also the hard, Jacob Mark says to TV 2.

Naser Khader, the cultural leader of the Conservative People’s Party, agrees.

“You must be able to treat Islam and the Muslim Prophet Muhammad on an equal footing with all other religions and prophets. And you do not do that, says Naser Khader.

Bishop of Viborg Henrik Stubkjær feels provoked and does not like the image of the cross immersed in urine.

Nevertheless, he has said yes to open the exhibition on Friday because he believes that the provocation puts good and necessary thoughts into action.

The bishop’s hope is that the urine corset lets us reflect on overuse and how we treat strangers and the poor. Therefore, he does not think that the Skovgaard Museum chooses the easy solution.

“They choose the difficult where they provoke us to others, so it’s suddenly us who have to consider why we are being provoked,” says Henrik Stubkjær.

Kurt Westergaard understands

Although this is not the primary reason, museum leader Anne-Mette Willumsen acknowledges that security also plays a role in the decision not to show the Muhammad drawings.

The technician Kurt Westergaard, who himself has noticed the consequences of drawing the prophet, understands the decision.

“I think we are in a situation where we have to say freedom of expression, and then a” but “, says Kurt Westergaard.

Inger Støjberg concludes that security plays a role, but says:

“If we each time draw the horns to us because we are afraid that the Islamists will hurt us, it’s the Islamists who have won the match,” says Inger Støjberg.

Since Kurt Westergaard was subjected to an assault attempt at home in 2010, he has been protected by PET guards.

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